January 30th, 2011

  • tsu_

Arabesque zine 2011 open for pre-order

for maidens at heart

Inspired by the recalling of the tiny loves, dreams and fancies that comfort and console the mind, Arabesque is an aesthetic zine aimed at all things beautiful and refined.

The second issue of Arabesque will release in January 2011 featuring 16 colour pages and over 130 pages of articles, comics, illustrations, and photographs. Highlights include an article on Weimar Republic films, a fashion how-to guide for train travel, adaptations of folk lore and fairytales like the Red Shoes, as well as fashion x lolita photoshoots and more! From the city and film to traditions and folktales, this issue traverses across space, time, and memory.

Order your copy here~

You can follow us at arabesque zine blog for updates :D

posted with permission from harukoko
  • fawna01

South Carolina? Anyone home?

Are there any Lolita(s) or communities present here in this state, namely Charleston? I took a look over at the master egl community list and this state seems to lack a community

*as it also seems to lack many many other things... like Forever 21... and renaissance fairs*

Also I was wondering anyone was planning on attending the convention being held in Columbia over President's Day weekend? I was thinking about going and figured if I went, it'd be a great way to meet up with some new Lolita(s)


Arda Wigs quality?

A while back someone posted a link to http://arda-wigs.com/ on a post asking about places to buy wigs. I checked the site out, and their prices are awesome and they have a colour that I've been dying for, but I'm wondering about the overall quality of the wigs.
Has anyone bought from them? If so, how would you rate the wigs? I'm specifically looking for thickness and how realistic they are. I love super SUPER thick wigs, so any feedback is appreciated.