January 29th, 2011

Zorak in a Wig

Fantastic Dolly Replica Comparison

Fantastic/Fantasic Dolly is one of my favorite prints. I purchased the original Angelic Pretty skirt in the white colorway off of a user on egl_comm_sales a few months ago. I was curious about the red replica from Dream of Lolita, so I bought it through TaoBaoSpree. The package arrived yesterday, so I thought I'd do a little review and comparison.

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Applique alteration?

I really love the design of AP's new kitty applique skirt (idk what the official name is), but I'm not a huge fan of cats, so I was wondering what sort of thing could be done to alter or cover the applique? I know I can put like a big bow or fabric rose on top, but I'm looking for other ideas. Also, is there a way to completely remove an applique?

If you have pictures of projects you've done, even better!

Here is the skirt in question:

heart, white, red, love

Discarded Doll

Hey everybody!
I found this abandoned porcelain doll outside in the snow during a "photo session" and decided to "fix-her-up"
But I wanted to make it a "group project".. so if anybody has any ideas on some outfits for her or anything please describe or even draw them.. I might (most likely will) end up making her more then one outfit...

Also, one of her legs is missing.. so even guro lolita could fit.

I'll be making several changes to her, including getting her a new wig.. her current hair is very thin and knotted.
So hair ideas are good also...

Image of her behind the cut...
Collapse )Also.. this is a replica of old Victorian dolls.. not a real one.
So, anybody who is "obsessed" with the Victorian era (like me) please don't take offense to the fact that I'll probably be remodeling her face as well...

Also.. I'm sorry if this is considered "off topic" and shouldn't be posted to this group.. Since I'll be using her for and dressing her in lolita I thought it would be okay.. if not please tell me (nicely, I hope) and I'll remove it and post it in a correct place ^.^;;

Honey Picnic coords, please :D

I just got my new Honey Picnic JSK in the mail, but unfortunately, I can't find the headbow and socks to match it :P As I'm super uncreative, I was wondering if you lovely ladies could show me some pictures of your Honey Picnic coords to give me some inspiration. Mine is in mint, so pictures of mint coords would be preferred :P I tired searching d_l for some, but couldn't find much.
Please and thank you! <3333
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First Lolita Purchases

Hi everyone, I  was ordering if anyone could give me their opinion on what I'm thinking about getting for my first lolita outfit.  (Reward for straight A's for my 3rd six weeks term and all A's on my midterms, I'm in high school)  I  have a black petti from English Charm on the way; and thanks to Ohio winter my black doc martens will have to do for shoes for now.
I  was thinking about the following for a first coord:

This blouse in white:

This skirt:

These socks: