January 27th, 2011

Wonder Woman

ever left lolita...then come back?

ok, here's the deal....

I thought I was completely over lolita.
one day I decided I thought it was ridiculous looking and I didn't want to wear it ever again *cringes*. it was really weird. almost like a switch got turned off....so I have sold pretty much all my brand (except for a few items), which was all sweet. I mostly had Meta and BTSSB.
so I haven't touched what lolita I have left in at least a year....I just never wanted to wear it.

but I have still been a member of the egl communities and like to look at people's coordinates etc.

and so during all the closet posts this month I have been looking at people's Gothic clothes. especially when people post  Moi Meme Moitie,....

now I'm going....wow. I REALLY love the way that looks. it's so different from sweet...and I love the blacks, blues and white together etc.....

I want to get into Gothic lolita quite badly...

so....I fell OUT of love with Lolita, and sold all my clothes. didn't wear any for a long time...and now I am in love with it again, just a different style....

has this ever happened to you?

what did you do?

I am afraid I will buy some moi meme moitie and decide quickly on that it is the stupidest looking thing etc etc liek I did with my sweet stuff....and my sister keeps telling me "your 25, you shouldn't be dressing like that. what boy is going ot date you etc etc." ;________;

Biscuit- one confused Lolita.

Lolita Schoolbags?

I'm in need of a new school bag so I was wondering what type of bags do you guys take to school?

Also, could you guys recommend any good backpacks/messenger bags that are able to hold a few books/binders?
Thank you in advance. :]

EDIT: I might as well add that I've searched on here but I couldn't find anything.
Rose Quartz

Sister SOS! A Plea for Pirate!

So, my older sister claims that Lolita is "pajamas". But, looking at a list of brand stores, she expressed some interest in Alice and the Pirates. (She really likes pirate-y type stuff. I plan on getting her a glittery pink eyepatch for her birthday.)
So I'm sending out a plea to all of you fot the most pirate-y Lolita clothing possible that can still be considered Lolita so that she can finally accept my fashion choices. Go as overboard as you want iin finding stuff. Tricorns will be loved.
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usagi bye bitch

PMX posted on Innocent World's site

Hope this wasn't posted yet! I checked the search function.

I ambled over to IW's Japanese page (sometimes they forget to post new stuff on the English page, and I'm obssessive like that), and saw this little banner...


They wrote a little blurb about PMX!


I just thought it was cool since it features at least one lolita we all know (Kammie (sp?)).

Wish I could read Japanese though. ^^;

BUUUUUT Google Translate did give me one hopeful little phrase, at the end of the post:

"♪ event was felt that staff would like to grow even more for the innocent abroad "


EDIT: kirapop provided a rough translation:

lolita help

hey everyone im new to the egl comunity but im not new to lolita. however i want to start my lolita closet. ive dont lots of resarch the past 4 years (on and off) to understand lolita but now i really want to do it. but what i really need help on it the shoes. you see lolita shoes cost alot and i dont have that kind of money. i was wondering what kind of shoes i should get and redecorated to make it look more lolita. will flats do? or 2-3in hells?

and anyone know how to make a jumper skirt? i really like them.

sorry for the miss spells
Wonder Woman

Moitie on CDJapan? ANSWERED

sorry to post twice in one day.......but I just have a quick question this time ^_^

I really want to buy
this JSK from MMM, I am thinking of buying it from CDJapan, BUT the pictures shows purple and the description says Navy......I want to buy it in Navy.....so I was wondering if the picture is just wrong?
anyone have any idea?

EDIT: ANSWERED. Thank you!
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