January 25th, 2011

Sewing vs. Buying?

In your own experience, would you say buying lolita pieces (brand or not brand, overseas or one of the few that ship from your own country) is more or less expensive than sewing your own?

I can't sew, but i'm thinking about learning in order to afford this. I know it depends on the material quality you'd use as well what you're trying to make but if you could tell me on average what you would suggest please let me know.


**EDIT: i think people are getting the wrong idea in regards to what i'm expecting. i have sewn before, and have a sewing machine. i've simply forgotten how to since it has been years.

i don't expect to learn to sew overnight nor do i expect to be popping out JSKs my first try. i'd be taking it step by step, learning how to create the most basic garments first. i know it would take time

i'm taking a fashion and sewing class next year.

i have done background research on sewing and patterns before i posted this, i only wanted opinions on what people who have been on both sides think would be more cost effective. i'm not trying to create anything elaborate.

i'm well aware of the investment i'd make in sewing as it is a skill, and like piano or any other skill i have, it takes time and practice.

thank you!

Lolita Wardrobe of a Girl Who Never Wears Lolita (all handmade!)

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also, a lot of you have expressed interest in commissions. i havent done them so far because...well...my stuff IS handmade. i'ts handmade well but it isnt perfect. only this year have i thought my stuff is of sell-able quality. im just nervous because i know how picky lolitas are about their clothes. if someone was understanding about that and didnt mind a lose thread here or there i might consider it. I guess if anyone is REALLY interested you can PM me and ill see what i can do :P


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Melty Chocolate coords~?

I'm going to my first anime convention with my younger sister on Saturday this week. ;u; I'm really excited. However, I'm a new Lolita (been into the fashion for years and finally was able to get my first two outfits for Christmas) and I'm not sure what would go well with my Melty Chocolate JSK. I've been wearing black knee-high socks, but do you think white would go better? What about OTK instead of just knee-high? It's a little short because of my poofy petti so I'm not sure which would look better. I'm very fond of it with black but I dunno~ I also only have black Mary Janes atm~ ; w;

I have the Pink x Brown JSK~

Is anyone else going to the Setsucon?~
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ANAHEIM, CA; Bats Day Update 1/25/11 – 2010 Event Photos and 2011 Event Tix ON SALE - 1/31/11

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Short Hair Accessory/ Styling Advice

So I have very short hair and I'm not sure what to do with my hair. My hair is probably just a little over 2 inches long in most places.
I think that small clips would work, but without hair to balance the bigger bows out I'm not sure it would look very good on me. Also I'm not sure about top hats or anything.

I can curl it a bit to make it a little fluffier, I suppose, and add a few clips.
When my hair was a bit longer I wore headbands with bows on them but I don't think that will look very good now either.
I don't wear lolita often, so it's not like I really have much hair stuff to experiment with.

So other short haired Lolitas, what do you do with your hair? What accessories do you wear?

Although I think I remember reading something about this before I can't find the discussion.

Sweet Lolita on 'Snog, marry, avoid''

I thought some people may be interested to see that a sweet lolita has made it onto a popular UK tv show. Skip to about 23.17 to go straight to it!
Here is the link to the show ;

Only a small amount of time has been dedicated to showing her but i think it's great to see such a great example of lolita on tv!

EDIT: It seems that the link only works for the UK, Sorry everyone!
EDIT AGAIN: The wonderful sophisteacated has supplied us with a link which should work for everyone! Thank you