January 23rd, 2011

Edit: SF Meet: What day works for you?

I'd like to host a meet up in March so that I can meet some of my fellow local lolitas!

Although I live close enough, I have not yet been to Crown and Crumpet... It seems like it would be a shame to go there by myself my first time.

I would book a reservation for everyone for the Full Tea package, for which the full details can be found here.
I chose the full tea because this may very well be the first and last time I ever get to go. I had initially wanted to go for my birthday in July, but I may move all the way to Virginia by then ;.;

Similarly, a nice opportunity would be presented to hit the Btssb store in the New People building in Japan town, which also has an intriguing art gallery upstairs (though most of you knew that =D). I've also yet to go to the AP store, myself... but that also seems a wasted trip on my lonesome.

Perhaps a trip to the rose garden in golden gate park, karaoke, Purikura, or a trip to the aquarium or a museum would be nice, depending upon what everyone would like to do.

Who would be interested in joining me sometime in the middle or end of March? What preferences do you have for activities?
Please let me know if you're interested!

EDIT: What days would be best for you? A Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

And I accidentally deleted the old post, I'm so sorry >.<
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Hair fashion show video with lolita outfits

Hello everyone!
A big hair dressers company (Kinky Kappers) asked www.mfashion.eu  
to do the styling for their hair fashion show.
I decided to use my personal items for the show and this was the result.

Too bad the petticoat from the coat slipped down when the girl went on stage.
The last 2 girls the outfits were made by a other stylist.

These hairdressers are known for the use of lots of colors and amazing cuts.

Outfit brands used:
baby the stars shine bright
Angelic Pretty


Um, a question? or two

Forgive me if this isn't allowed, but does anyone have advice for parents who are against lolita? I want to buy the clothing, but am unable to (not allowed to buy online). I've resorted to making my own things, only a headband so far. Um, my second question would be...What is a good start to building a wardrobe? Like a dress first or skirt and blouse?

SUPER late review! IxDoxDeclare (Image Heavy)

 I wasn't originally going to do this review at all, but when I noticed there were no reviews for this seller, I decided "better late than never."

I bought the item "Welcome to Wonderland skirt blue" from IxDoxDeclare on etsy on January 29, 2010. Like I said, super late. Lol.
Mods, if this review is too late to the game, feel free to delete.
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Good petti for a short lolita?

Hello, I'm on the market to pick up my first lolita pieces.  I figure my first buy should ideally be a petticoat, because no matter how pretty my skirt is or how many ruffles my blouse has its not really lolita without that fluffy skirt!

Anyways, I'm having some trouble finding a good petticoat for those on the shorter side (I'm 5'1"), and was wondering if any of you could make any recommendations. For shape, I'd like a light cupcake shape, simply because anything too "poofy" my school may have a problem with.  Also money is a bit of an issue, I'm not able to get a job around where I  live, so my Dad is paying for this. (Rewards for my marks in school)  So, preferably something that won't break my bank, thank you. ^^
LV Panda

My "Alice and the White Rabbit" collection completion

Hello everyone~! I just wanted to share with you all that my very first collection is now fully complete and will be available on my etsy page starting tonight. I finally got the headbands needed to make the matching headbows. I also had enough fabric left over to make 2 Dragon Ball Kai headbows~!  

To celebrate, I will be putting both the ivory jumper skirt and the pale pink high waisted skirt on sale 15% off, starting tomorrow and will last for a whole week till the 31st. All other items will be at their regular price.
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A shy lolita!

A while ago I went to PMX, and I felt so out of place. No one talked to me and I actually heard a few talking about my friend and I meanly. It was really discouraging and I never gained the courage the entire day to really introduce myself to anyone or make any friends.
Have any of you ever had a similar issue?
How can I overcome this shyness?