January 18th, 2011

Sakura Macaron <3

"Alice and the White Rabbit" Photo Set

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share photos from a photoshoot of my latest collection that is now available on my blog/etsy. Modeling my JSK and high waisted skirt are misadesu  and zalora . Photos taken by Matthew Rice of 'Rattmice' photography. More of these photos from this set are on his flicker page. These few photos are just some of my favorites that I picked out, I hope you all enjoy!

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♥ Fairly Sweet

Re: Accessories

Hi, folks! I have a question for my fellow lolis: Is there any particular print you've had a hard time finding accessories for? Or if not, what is your favorite print?

I'm planning on making and selling accessories (mostly jewelry to start with, but possibly hairbows and such at a later date). Rather than just generic loli themes like cupcakes and ribbons, I'd like to make items to specifically correspond with certain prints. So I'm looking for ideas on where to start. What would you like to see?

Looking for lolitas in Greece, new greek lolita community

Hello everyone! I am very happy and proud to present the first greek lolita community on livejournal, egl_greece !

We want to bring together all the lolitas that are either greek or live in greece, to get to know each other and share our experiences in the fashion. So if there are any other lolitas out there interested in meeting the rest of us, please join us!

Thank you very much

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