January 17th, 2011

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Small Thank You Gift

Hello everyone!

I am hosting a Lolita fashion show in March and I am expecting roughly 12-20 models to participate. I wanted to show my appreciation for their volunteer work and am at a loss for what to get?

What would be something small and every style Lolita like or appreciate or be of use (besides money hurrhurr)? I wanted to put together some goodie bags and am open to suggestions so please, suggest away!

I was thinking cellphone charms and little accessories but accessories can get odd if the theme isn't neutral enough (I'm not sure how much a gothic Loli would like a cupcake ring?).

Thank you for your time!
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Questions about F+F

Hello, I want to order from Fan plus friend soon o: As for bad reviews on them, it seems as though they were usually for super customized pieces that they screw up on when measurements are not specified or something.

But I fit into their smallest size, and I don't want any customizations whatsoever. I want it as it is in the photo- So this could lessen the chance of problems occurring right? Excluding chances my package will be lost in the mail lol

Convention Lolita II in Paris, 3th and 4th of July 2011

Lolita 2010 Convention was a success for Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban and Le Chemin de Briques Roses. We expected 80 people, but nearly 250 lolitas and people interested in this style came to visit us! Thank you for the welcome you gave to the convention, and thanks to you, it returns for its second edition !

♥ Convention lolita, 2nd edition, will take place on july, sunday 3rd and monday 4th, 2011, in Paris (Pellport66, 75020).  ♥

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Tell me Why you Love Lolita! [Small Giveaway]

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I am so loving the answers guys! Its cool to see why so many people love the fashion we all crave! I will let this go until 10 pm PST and then i am going to randomize my numbers and post the order of who gets to choose first!

Best of luck to all

Here is the winning list!
1. Graceline
2. Iomoo
3. Mewmewchocolate
4. tanaie
5. Faerieharp
6. j4pi3
7. Lifeofhimeko
8. Randgrys

Please message me with your preference list and your address! Shipping is covered by me^^

Future of lolita

 Forgive me if this is old news, but I recently heard that Lolita is declining in Japan. I'm kind of worried, if Lolita dies in Japan, will the brands still be around? Are there enough Lolitas in the world to keep the style going strong? I'm seeing more and more wanna-be lolita or lolita-inspired items in mainstream stores such as Hot Topic or Claires. 

If lolita goes mainstream, the ignorant public will rape the hell out of it, and not only that, it won't feel special to go out while decked out in frills and lace. D: I'll just feel... dirty. Like a moll-goth. TT^TT 

Very Sweet Jewelry..

 Ive seen many other sellers post on here there designs so I thought I might share some of my newest ones! Ive been making sweet jewelry for almost a year now and i think my stuff has changes a lot and improved!  so I would love if you all told me what you think! Especially on the price points (sometimes i feel i under charge and some times even over charge.)Collapse )

Lolita Valentines Free-for-all information!


Hey everyone!

Myself and the other mods over at loli_valentines have decided to host a weekly 'Love-free-for-all' or 'Love-meme' where everyone will be able to chat freely about the lolitas, clothing, communities, brands, and anything else lolita-related that they LOVE. Our only request is that it's kept drama-free and lolita-related *^O^*

The free-for-alls will start this Wednesday the 19th January at 00:00 Midnight (UTC)

This week will be a trial run and anonymous commenting will be enabled.

Hoping to see everyone there! And please remember to take-part in our usual weekly Valentines posts too <3

(posted with permission from harukoko )