January 16th, 2011

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Valentine's Day give-away

This year, I felt like spreading the love around and giving someone a Valentine's gift. So there's a free give-away on my Etsy shop blog. I make a lot of sweet and punk themed jewellery (incidentally, my two favourite Lolita styles) so I thought it would be worth mentioning here. After all, who doesn't like freebies? Especially if they can go great with a co-ord :D

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The prize is a matching loveheart charm bracelet and ring set, which was handmade by yours truly. Lovehearts are a retro candy in the UK and I've noticed they're popular in other European countries. I've been told they're called conversation hearts in the U.S? I'm not sure X3

Anyway, to be in with a chance to win, simply follow the instructions on my blog. It ends on the 29th of January, which will hopefully give me enough time to mail the prize to the winner in time for Valentine's Day.
  • atollie

A new kind of blog

Hi, I've recently started a blog that isn't centered around lolita but does have lolita stuff in it. It's centered around weight loss and image. Image is a pretty big thing in the lolita community. I am a plus sized lolita who is working on dropping the plus sized title and that's pretty much the main point of my blog.

So anyway here's the link I hope this is okay.
  • 1nari1

Secret Shop

My parents plan on buying me a secret shop dress but I was not too sure about the quality. I was wondering if anoyone has bought from them and if you were satisifed with the quality? I plan on buying the Fantastic Dolly. All the dresses are replicas, right? I dont mind a replica becuase i am new to the style and I just got my first dresses in december(Bodyline of course._.) I just want to make sure
1. My parents arent wasting money
2. I dont end up dissappointed

Thank you so very, very much! :D ♥