January 15th, 2011


Lolita Charm store

Hello everyone. I believe this is my first time posting here.

After a few false starts, I've begun building my Lolita wardrobe. While searching for cheap stores, I found this site: Lolita Charm.

Has anyone ever ordered from them? I'm not very good at judging quality from images, although I noticed some of the maid uniforms seemed to be made of a very shiny material that looked rather icky. What do you make of it, egl?

Searching the previous entries for this community I only found one entry,here. It asks basically the same thing I'm asking now.
Rose Quartz

Quick question on a Discovery Channel documentary...

I saw a documentary on Japan awhile back, and while they were talking about popular Japanese fashions, there was a clip of two Gothic Lolitas sitting together. I've recently tried to find the documentary on YouTube, but can't find it. I have a picture I snagged off Wikipedia, most likely stolen from somewhere else by some 8 year old, of the girls to jog some memories.
Can somebody help me find it?
Edit: Thanks for the help! It was such a good documentary, no wonder I wanted to find it so bad!
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