January 14th, 2011

Portrait of Things To Come

Baby Purse or Shoe lucky packs?

Has anyone recieved there's yet? I haven't seen any posts about them yet but I'm sure some people must have as my purse pack has been sitting in the post office since Monday. I finally got a chance to pick it up today, here's what I got!

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Totally not what I was expecting but I'm really happy with it, these are actually two styles I've liked and wanted for a long time! :D

So what did all you other people who got these packs get? I'm especially curious to see pics of the shoe pack. Up until the very last second I was going back and forth between getting a shoe or a purse pack haha!

How do you ladies organaize your lovely clothes???

I am currently trying to organize my closet because my lolita clothes number is keep growing and I have no spaces for them anymore. I am currently putting them on hangers by folding them into half but does anybody have better organizing methods??? because they are taking up too much spaces this way and I want it to be more compact. Does anyone have better suggestions??? Please help me out here!!! Thanks.
Shiro Loli

Lolita music video - "Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)" by Voltaire

Some of you may remember Voltaire being featured in one of the English Gothic & Lolita Bibles (I can’t look up which right now, as I lent all of my English GLBs to my friend) where he was talking about this music video and how he discovered Lolita fashion.

Apparently, he was lost and asked for some directions from some 'girls' in frilly Victorian dresses... Turns out they were boys, and from a band called Malice Mizer!

I finally decided to look the artist and the music video up today, and I got HOOKED on the music!

Voltaire says he used 100 Lolitas in this music video! How cool is that?

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platform fetish black patent

lolifying the workplace: make the skirt fit the job description!

A lot of us wonder how we're gonna make our lolita wardrobes to work for our jobs... and then we find how this doesn't work very well with the food industry... so the answer was to make the place sweeter, cuter than ever before, while finding a uniform alternative to an OP that may not flatter everybody...

Also, apron from skirt tutorial ahoy!!Collapse )Collapse )
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And then I realized not everybody was gonna be able to wear the same dress for various reasons, or was just not practical again, so I came up with the idea of making an apron with the print that anybody can put on over a white blouse:

This is the skirt I chose to make into an apron...