January 13th, 2011

Drawn by the totally awesome bberrie

Clothes for Photo Shoot - Figured out

Ok, a friend of mine came to me with a request that she wants to do a lolita shoot with me but she wants to look sorta sexy and a few other of her friends. My first thought was... well no... Then I though I could make a sort of project out of it. I will be in lolita properly and there are only a few dresses I would let others borrow with not enough that would work for ero. Do you think this would be a good idea?

My main question is, I am going to go for a ero lolita look for my friends, and I would like to know some pointers on making ero lolita work?

Also some places where I could get cheapish ero lolita clothing as the girls cant buy anything and I don't want it to be epic fail as they would not have anything remotely lolita, quality is not an issue!

Thanks everyone:D.. the girls ended up deciding to do a different idea that can work and not look tacky :P

First art post? C:

Hello hello!

This is my first post on EGL. I'm not new to LJ or EGL but I don't think I've ever posted anything on EGL before. C:
I used to have an old LJ account for posting comments and replies though. It kinda died because I don't have a habit of blogging. I decided to create a LJ account for the purpose of posting art and sketches instead, since I'm more likely to update my LJ that way.

Enough rambling, onwards with the art!

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Loris Brand Shop?

I read a review on it a few weeks ago or so, and the girl's purse fell apart after one use most unfortunately. I really like their selection and I was wondering if anyone else has bought from them and could give me their input? I'm hoping maybe it was a one time thing or something, because I really would like to stock up on purses and for their price it would be the perfect place to do so....only if they don't fall apart after one light use.

Here's the link to their shop: http://loris-ltd.taobao.com/?search=y&price1=&price2=&pageNum=3&scid=0&keyword=&old_starts=&categoryp=&pidvid=&orderType=_hotsell&viewType=grid&isNew=&baobei_type=#anchor

Any information would be greatly appreciated!! :D
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Problems with EMS... Is it just me?

 Hello everyone,

I ordered a few things from Taobao through Taobao Spree and I was asked to choose between EMS and DHL and because I heard awful things about DHL, I decided to go with EMS. How foolish of me. When I go on EMS's website, the only info I have is that it left Guangzhou, but that was 12 days ago. I had things shipped to me plenty of time with EMS and it never took so long so I'm really worried. I know things are still slow because a lot people ordered things during the holidays and the chinese new year is coming up, but is it happening to anyone else? Am I the only one with this problem?

English is my second language, so I'm really sorry if this doesn't make sense or if there are outrageous mistakes. -_-'

My Meta 15,000yen light coloured Lucky Pack

Hello everybody! I just wanted to share the contents of my Meta lucky pack with you all. You can view my video and my thoughts on the contents by going to the link below. My blog entry also has a link to my photobucket album which has additional photos of all the contents. I apologise if the photo quality is not that good. I only have a cheap camera! The content was quite similar to a lot of other packs. You can see for yourself here-