January 12th, 2011


this skirt puffy enough?

I'm new in lolita, want to ask whether my skirt is puffy enough to be considered as lolita skirt?
this is a little short if I use a pannier/petticoat. I use a bloomer under it. It works a little. I ever read that to a more casual and more mature one it is okay if it's not too puffy. but I wonder whether it is less puffy or enough.
here is the pictures.
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Mini me

Milky-chan and Merry Sweet Castle replica reviews!

On my blog, I've posted two reviews. One for Seventeencastle17's Milky-chan replica and one for the same company's Merry Sweet Castle replica. himegraphica.blogspot.com

Both are simultaneously one after the other so you can just read the general page! :D I hope they are helpful.
Mods, feel free to delete if this is not allowed! (I don't know how to tag this...)
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My Meta 15,000 LP

After getting stuck in customs over the weekend, my Meta LP arrived on the afternoon of the 10th and I immediately ripped into it (well, cut into it actually, I used scissors XD). I was rather anxious about it as, knowing my luck, it was gonna be brown or burgandy or something blergh like that but I had no need to worry. Although it wasn't my first choice of black, it was a never thought of second choice of...

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Innocent World sales question

 Hi all! 
Well, Innocent World has already started its winter sales, and there are lots of items 50% and 30% off. Can they reduce any more items? I want one of the non-reduced JSKs and don't know if I should wait a little bit more if they are reducing anything else or directly purchase it. Does anyone remember what happened in previous sales?

Thanks for your help in advance! xx
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lolita fashion

a really random lolita find - chandelier x iron gate bed sheet

I was looking around in the bedding section when I saw this bed sheet on sale. Bought it on the spot since its too pretty.

I am not sure if the bed sheet is sold in other countries or even online but if you are in Singapore, you can purchase it from OG Orchard. Maybe in other OG outlets as well?

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Xelyna the Gothic Lolita
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Monthly Theme: Old-School Headdress Appreciation Post!

Love 'em or hate 'em, the Lolita headdress was one of the first most recognisable parts of the fashion. 10 years ago, you wouldn't be seen dead without one! Now they seem to have been totally taken over by bows and headbands... or have they?

Post your thoughts about the old "Maxi-pad" headdress- Did you wear them? Does anyone look good in them? Could they come back? Also post pictures!

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wonder party

Photo Request!

hello everyone!
just a few photo requests ^^

i'm updating my wishlist, and it'd be great if i could see more photos of these items, either worn, or closeups, or anything else you've got!

thanks in advance <3
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