January 10th, 2011


New Community Announcement

Introducing egl_anime, a new community for Lolitas who are fans of anime, manga, light novels, etc!
Inspired by a post in this week's loli_secret, the community is for all series, not just lolita-related ones. Feel free to contribute art, outfit posts, discussions, etc!

Note: despite the "egl" in the name, the community is not affiliated with the main egl in any way, and questions/concerns regarding egl_anime should not be directed to the maintainers/mods of egl.

Posted with permission from xaynie
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Contest at austinlolitas!


I'm the new maintainer/moderator at austinlolitas , and I'm sponsoring a contest to get our little comm active again!

Check out this post for details!

There are three ways to enter:  If you're a lolita in the Austin, TX area, join the comm and introduce yourself as a comment on the contest thread (of course, you can feel free to write your own post, but for it to count for the contest you have to at least link it in a comment).  If you're familiar with the Austin area, suggest places for meetups.  If you're creatively minded, suggest a theme or create some banner or icon art for the comm.  That's up to three entries per person for the contest!  Unfortunately, it is open only to Austin-area lolitas - I just want to get the word out that the comm is finally going to be active again.  Contest closes this Saturday, January 15, at 11:59 pm Central (US) Time.

Posted with permission of [info]laviefantasque !
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Shiro Loli

At what point does F+F ship in boxes?

I really want to order this purse and this hat from FanPlusFriend, but I'm worried because the purse has metal parts in it and the hat isn't flat. I think if they’re shipped in a bag, like F+F usually ships in, it'll get smashed (which might not be so bad for the hat, but for the purse...).

So my question is, for those of you who may have bought this bag, Did they ship it in a bag or box? Did it survive? Did you order a lot of stuff with it, or was it alone?

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Is fashion outside of Lolita worth the $$$ any more?

After getting into Lolita, I can no longer warrant spending $300-$500 on simple dresses like I used to. Lolita has often much more time and effort put into it, and typically for a much lower price. As much as I like these clothes, I just don't have the heart any more to spend so much money on a simple one-layered, non-print dress, even if they might be fashionable and unique. Lolita has changed my view on buying clothes far too much, I think.


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Please help with AP short dress!

Hello everyone!
I have read many posts and similar questions to this one I am about to make but I didn't find the exact answer I was looking for…  :/
So here I go: I have just received my beautiful beautiful Angelic Pretty OP (Hello Lace link) but when I tried it on... well it just didn't fit at all :(
I am 1.78 tall and the waistline is right under my bust! Hell... I was wondering if "transforming" this OP into a high waisted dress was Ok, frequently done or simply avoided. I DO look a bit silly in it and will get an underskirt in white to wear below the dress. Also I will have to use OTK or tights. Is there any other tip that may help? Or should I just re-sell my brand new dress? Buhuuuu >____<
Thak you very much for taking the time to help me out :D

I Wonder if there is a style that would include......

Things like real fur tails, ears, more earthy tones and the like?

Things like modest leaf prints, lots of greens and browns, tans and beiges and what not.

I have got a great pair of REAL coyote ears and a tail that matches and the ears have bows and stuff on the and the tail has a really cute bow with some pearls, would it be wrong to make a coord with them? Is there a style that in cooperates these things already?

What do you girls and guys think?