January 8th, 2011


Theme Post: brand new old school dresses.

In the few recent posts about Old School Lolita a few people were asking where you can even find dresses in the Old School style or lamenting the fact that brands only make OTT pieces now. Well, that's really not true, a lot of brands are actually still making the same pieces, most of the time with very little changed, that they made back in the early 2000's

Lots of pictures behind the cut!
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I don't mean to turn this into some sort of brand pissing contest with "Oooh this brand has been doing this longer" or "Well, this one is more innovative!" or anything like that XD I really just want to show that some brand new pieces are actually just Old School designs with better photography and a nicer petticoat and the myth that Old School is dead and gone is completely untrue.

If anyone knows of any other newer pieces (especially IW or MmM, I really don't know anything about those brands!) that are remakes of older pieces I would love to know about them!
imai kira

image request (art)

 Its kinda theme related :P 
I used to have it saved but my old computer crashed and Im having a hard time finding it on the old post that had all of the imai kira pictures on it that was in memories. 
Im looking for the angelic pretty drawing imai did with i think a guy and a girl or a girl and a girl and they were wearing plaid and school themed stuff and one of them had an eye patch?

also any old old imai stuff would be much appreciated since i lost all the pictures i had saved.
super thanks!

[edit] FOUND!
but if any one has a full size version that would be awesome!
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