January 7th, 2011

The First of My Wardrobe/Part of my first Coord!

I recently made my first lolita purchase!  So this is all the wardrobe I have (so far):
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EDIT: I took a pic of the floral skirt being worn.  it really is pretty (my web cam isn't the best camera around unfortunately) it looks sooo much better in person.  please forgive my lack of a proper blouse,  I haven't purchased one yet. :)
harry potter

weird request

Hey guys, I'm looking for pictures of lolitas with bigger busts who are wearing under bust dresses/corsets? I am totally in love with under bust dresses, but I have a larger bust and I'm afraid it might look kinda weird. So pictures would be great! thanks!
lost in time, tardis

Old School Lolita and a Wardrobe Post

  Okay, so I've been a lolita for about 5 years (come february). For several of those I wore lolita as my daily clothes. I've slowly been whittling away at what I don't wear anymore, but I still have a pretty big closet overflowing with gothic and classic lolita goodness. Since this month's other theme is "Old School" and the majority of my wardrobe falls into that I thought I'd point out a few pieces that harken to those lolita days of yore. 

(WARNING: this is a BIG POST with Many pictures, and a LOT OF TEXT, only some of which is humorous.  Also nothing contained herein is meant to denigrate anyone that has only been a lolita for a short while, it is all in jest.  Also, if any of the older lolitas notice an error in dates or whatever, let me know, I know there are a lot of girls out there far more knowledgeable than I.)  Enough rambling, on to the Frills!

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If it were up to you...

Seeing how much fun everyone had with the nostalgia thread I thought I'd go with the month's "oldschool" theme and post a silly questionarre-game-thinger.  Answer the following with words or pictures or both, seriously or not! 

If it were up to you, what trend would you:

1.  Perpetuate forever:
2.  Kill off immediately:
3.  Raise like a zombie:
4.  Dance on the grave of:
5.  Jump on in a heartbeat:

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Misako Aoki Q

Hello jolly dollies!

I've been wondering if anybody knows what model agency Misako is under, if any? There is this one agency who has her on their website, but I'm trying to find out if it's a trustable agency or not. I can't find anything about it on the net really..

Any info's appreciated x)

Thank you, muchly! <3

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