January 6th, 2011


Hellolace.net: Requesting Worn Item Photos for the Wardrobe

Hello everyone! This is Linda from hellolace.net. :)

We will soon add a third part to our wardrobe item pages: photos of the items worn by Lolitas and Brolitas, in all sizes and ages.

So here I am, humbly inquiring the glorious EGL crowd if anyone would like to submit their photos of the day you wore AP's Memorial Cake JSK, or that awesome BtSSB Alice and Black Cat skirt!

We personally believe this would be quite useful, and from what we've seen, it's been a requested feature at times. We will most likely also include the sparkly magazine shoots, but seeing non-Photoshopped dresses is a lot more interesting.

With that said, we do have some requests regarding quality of the submissions.

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Fully Shirred Skirts?

Hello ladies! While browsing through everyone's closets, I saw that one girl had Meta's Swan Lake fully shirred skirt. Are there any other brand skirts with fully shirred waists? (and how rare is that Meta skirt and what are the chances of me getting my hands on it??)Lol...

Thanks in advance!
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Milanoo is ripping people off left & right.

 A fried informed me recently that Milanoo was not only using my content (Lolita Charm) but also other's content, as we have seen previously (I remember a post where they have also appropriated text from FYeahLolita and Part-Time Lolita, but can't seem to find it). This time, they actually used my company name, face, and graphic to support on of their business-driving 'blogs'. They have several sockpuppet-style blogs where they give incorrect information about lolita fashion, so they can sponsor their own business. 

They have removed it now, but I got a screenshot:

The solution? I got a Creative Commons Copyright. If you find that your work has been ripped off by a small-time, lolita-spam-type blog, check around - if it's Milanoo, head to their website and send a complaint, and an email to customer service. I got them to take down the banner and an article they had copy+pasted off my site as well. I think they mostly responded due the fact I said they were violating my copyright - which they were. Friends have told me that they have also appropriated many lolita photos, mentioning angeliclailah and gurololi  though I can't verify this I haven't seen these photos myself

Here's a further list of Milanoo 'blogs' meant to drive people to their company:


If you see any of your work being used without notice or credit, email them immediately and get yours a Creative Commons Copyright, for photos, text, video, audio, etc. And while I got my work removed, I would not be at all surprised if they stole future content - so if you get them to remove your work, please remain vigilant - I would not be surprised if this continued to happen in future. 

ETA: Seems like their idea of fixing this is to slap an anime character over my blog's name. Found this on the same site:

screenshot + actual image

I have sent a second email asking this also to be removed. 
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loli able blouse?

not being  by any means an expert.....

i saw THIS blouse in my email notifications, and while it doesn't have the classic peter pan collar, it looks to me like it might be a good item for "lolifying" a office outfit....

1. i would like to know if you agree, since i am trying to train my eye a bit
2. i figured if anyone fit into it they might like to know, sadly the only sizes i saw were "small" and "xs" which .... i am not

Since this wouldn't fit me, its purely an academic question, but i was picturing it with a sort of ruffled scarf tie at the neck, which would also kind of disguise the collar.....
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 I haven't posted here in a very long time so forgive me if I have overlooked any rules or memories. While I DID look through the memories about wigs, I did not find an answer to my question, haha. I'm looking for a short-length wig, similar to these (1, 2, 3)

They, preferably, need to be dark colors (browns, black, no blonde etc) and need to fit over long thick hair .___. While I do not want to buy one from Ebay, please let me know if there are good trust-worthy people on there to buy from. Also does anyone know how the wigs from YesStyle? That would be my last resort if I must :/ Thank you!
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Try on wigs before you get them

I was having a hard time imagining how I'd look in certain colors and hairstyles, then I remembered the times I tried on glasses by uploading a photo of me into a flash program on the vendor's website and I thought maybe I could find a site that would do that with wigs.

The results of a google search brought up Hairmixer.com among a few others. But I like this one best because you can search the internet for photos or upload your own to put your face on. The blending between your face and the wig is good enough to give you a realistic idea of what you'll look like in it. It's not even all that time consuming especially if you can just find the wig you want on google.

Yay! No more waiting for wigs to arrive only to find out they don't suit me \(^_^)/

Art Post

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Came up with this dress idea last night. Too busy, or just right?
It's a OP with two gold pearl swags running across the front and white pearls stitched in along the bottom where you see the flowers. the center cross is embroidered, and I was thinking the flowers along the bottom would be too but the striping would be a pattern. The little golden crosses holding the pearls..can't decide if they should be embroidered or some kind of leather.

Also, how reliable is F+F's contests? I was thinking I'd submit it to their next one so I could get a hold of a coupon card.

Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions!

Peach coord picture request

I'm really looking for ideas on how to put my Meta LP peach/pink JSK with rose print to good use. It's really hard for me to get good coords going when all of the light in my house is yellow, all dusty pinks and creams look the same >:O -rage- I actually had to go ouside to see the true color of my JSK T_T aaaanyways, I am in need of some pics of peach coords if anyone has the JSK in question I would love to see your pictures.

*Side Note* I've been having trouble in general trying to figure out what color shoe to wear with this. I tried the black blouse that came in my LP with black stockings and black shoes and that was a bit bleh :/ I like the black blouse underneath, but what color stockings and shoes would be best?

Thank you for all of your time and help in advance ^w^
Monster Max is happy reading.

more info on this BtSSB jsk?

Hi there,

This is my first post here. I'm hoping you all can help me find out more about this Baby the Stars Shine Bright JSK.

It was a gift/hand-me-down from a friend, and I have no idea where or when she got it. I'm fairly new to Lolita and don't know the history of brand prints very well yet. Can anyone help me find out when this dress was made, which season it was part of, and/or its name?

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Resolved! Thank you everyone who commented. The jsk is called Seven Keys.