January 5th, 2011

white outfit

i was foolish

i was foolish and trusted a shipping estimate :(

does anyone know how long it is likely to take to get a bodyline package from them to east coast (philadelphia ) usa?
when i bought the dress it said "delivery estimated Jan 4" but now its Jan 5th and it has only just left hong kong!

i know it will get here, but i was kind of hoping to
1. have it in time to try on, so i know what needs adjusting and can match things
2. wear it at the meet up/munch on the 9th.

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Themes for January

The General Theme for January is Wardrobes.
This month, we'd like to see your lovely furnit- *checks notes* I mean, what's inside your wardrobes. Let's see your lovely hoard of loli clothes!

The Aesthetic Theme for January is Old School.
Maxi pad headdresses, chunky platform mary-janes, blackxwhite and more lace than you can shake a stick at - that's right, this month we're going back to our roots. Let's discuss and share some old school lolita!

Voting is currently underway for Decembers contest, so hopefully we'll have the results soon. We're currently deciding the theme for January's contest, so look forward to it!

Help with a coordinate

Hi everyone, I'm going to buy this bodyline dress in brown and blue. I would like to see some coordinates with this dress, especially the blue one. I think it is pretty but I don't have to much ideas on how to coordinate it.

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steampunk in a tea house?

.im hosting a tea party at this tea house and i am respected there and i feel steampunk or ero would ruin the tea house for everyone else( the old women who enjoy my sweet and elegant loli).  my friend is trying to take over my event and is saying we should be able to wear steampunk and costumes to a teahouse. what should i do? does steampunk, costumes, or ero belong in a teahouse?
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