January 4th, 2011

Offical Metamorphose LP Picture Post

I always love to see what other people get in their Lucky Packs. I know at least a few people got their packs last week but I think the real flood of receiving them is most likely starting today because of the end of mailing holidays.

So please post a picture of your haul from this years Lucky Pack on this post so we can all see what goodies you got!

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glass lady

Loving fabric for Sweet Lolita

A lot of you might have already found these, but while was was browsing around, I found a site with some adorable prints. They seem to be good quality too.. (Well, they are 100% cotton, and that's what Sweet Rococo uses...) If anyone's interested, check it out!

Here they are: http://www.robertkaufman.com/fabrics/confections/?fabrics&novelty_prints

I hope someone likes these!
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Where is the taobao community?

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Hello all!
I've searched in the history both at my computer and my iPhone, looked in the memories and searched EGL. But I can't find it! Dumb as I was, I didn't add it to my bookmarks D:

What I'm looking for is a Taobao community. Someone posted an entry here to EGL about it, and a link to the community. And the community was named something with taobao I guess. And there was a lot of helpful information about Taobao.And that information would be very handy for me right now..
So does somebody have the link to the community? Or is it maybe gone? And if, where can I find something as helpful like that?

Thanks in advanced!
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Remember back when...

Hey, anyone remember when lolita looked like this?

Yeah, that's right.  Back when blackxwhite was the shit, not ita, and headdresses were cool, along with giant platform heels and bell sleeves. 

Long time ago, wasn't it?  Or was it only five or six years?  How times change!

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zosan 2

In Old Yellowcake

Oh won't you be there with me for it, tonight? In this hut-to-hut witch hunt, down the tunnels of Old Yellowcake, when all the souls in a city go drowning by starlight, where each choice you make is a fierce firefight or a new mistake?
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Mint Colored wig pictures?

  Hi, it's me again. ^-^'  I  am slowly building an mostly-green wardrobe, and am considering buying a mint green wig.  I'm worried about how it would look, though.  I was wondering if anyone had ever bought a mint green wig for Lolita and how it looked. I've seen a few cosplay wigs, but those were either a completely different color or length than I would be looking at.
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