January 1st, 2011

Angelic Pretty Lucky Packs!

 So, who was able to get one? If my sources are correct, they seem to be sold out already. Only 5 minutes!! (If that!) Any idea how many there were? Did anyone at all get one...? One person has confirmed one so far! Anyone else "lucky" enough?

I tried to get one myself, since I was up. I was already pre-logged into my AP USA login, had one in the cart by 3:02, and by 3:03 when I hit submit it said that the product was not found. It seems a lot of people dealt with the same thing. How do you guys feel about AP only putting up one or two of each lucky pack? 

Cordi pics!

I recently purchased the bodyline carosel JSK in pink and Im super excited but I don't quite know what to cordi it with. I was wondering if I could see other lolita's cords that they've done with the pink version for inspiration =D

Alice and the Pirates Dragon Coordinate.

Does anyone remember the Alice and the Pirates dragon coordinate that was campaigned in the Gothic Lolita Bible a few years back. I want to say it is about 3-4 years old. They also did a Mermaid one too. If anyone can send me a link of those photos I will really appreciate. Thank you lovies.