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Chichiri's Wardrobe 2017


This is my second time doing a wardrobe post (last year's post is here). I've been in fashion for 3 years. I prefer classic, longer dresses, floral prints and cats. I am a huge fan of Innocent World. Last year I channelled a large part of my budget to house repair, so I had to cut down my lolita spendings. Fortunately the main thing I was interested in was non-printed items and simple dresses for casual outfits, so I could still expand my wardrobe without spending too much. Last year I did almost no handmade at all and, all of a sudden, discovered boystyle.

OPs, JSKs, skirts - brand

Innocent World - Orlean JSK New with tags for 6000 yen. Best deal of the year, I guess.
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Dessert OP I like this dress a lot, it is so princessy! I am not a fan of cotton dresses in general, but this is so nice and light and does not wrinkle much. I am definitely buying it in other colors someday.
Innocent World - Moonlight Church Napoleon JSK Best purchase of 2016! There were at least 2 ocasions when I had no idea what to wear at all, and ended up wearing this dress and never regreted. Though I still hope to buy Rottenburg print one day, Moonlight Church failed to kick it out of my mind.
Innocent World - Gislaine JSK I am absolutely not a fan of this length, but besides that this is a nice and easy to wear dress. I love layers of lace.

Innocent World - Alencon JSK
Innocent World - Embroidered Carriage JSK I've been fond of this embroidery for a long time and was happy to snag this dress off Closet Child for a low price. This was a birthday gift for myself this year.
Innocent world - Flap Pocket Braid JSK One of my most used casual dresses, I wear it to the office. I even bought a duplicate in different color.
Innocent world - Union Jack Just Waist JSK This dress is gorgeous in pictures, but very plain in person.

Innocent world - Printed Rose Gobelin Halterneck JSK I was so eager to buy this dress when it disappeared from IW shop that I would call it a dreamdress, but I did not wear it much since I actually bought it. Thanks to this dress for giving me motivation to study the second hand market.
Innocent world - Charles crown JSK I like this dress a lot, though it is hard to wear it due to a very tight bodice, and that dickey does not match any offhite tops that I have. I hope to buy an OP in green one day.
Innocent world - Crest Gobelin Lace JSK I am very fond of royal/flag/coat of arms prints, though I rearly have the occasion to actually wear them.
Lyre-Ivy - Spoiled cat A cute taobao dress, the quality is much better that I would expect from a taobao brand.

Innocent World - Bertille Rose Dress JSK I wish IW made more detailed pieces like this one.
Innocent World - Trompe L'oeil Lace JSK
Innocent World - Berangere Rose JSK
Innocent World - Ladder Lace Tulle OP I saw this dress in person long ago when it came in one of my friends' luckypack. Last year I was offered to swap one of my dresses for this, and I happily agreed. It is a nice summer dress, the overlay and trimmings are very tender and elegant, though the bottom fabric is a bit stiff.

Innocent World - Rose Fob Watch High Waist JSK I got this dress in a luckypack in 2015 and nearly sold it last year because of the length and high waist cut which is not my favourite. But by the end of the year I became fond of emerald green color, and discovering this dress in the bottom of my closet was a nice surprise.
Innocent World - Marine Rose JSK
Punkstreet - Tailor cat Honestly, the worst purchase of the year. I bought it because of the print, I like sewing and cats, but the materials are cheap, construction is wierd and the siluette is almost not lolita. Never buying from this shop again.
Innocent World - Bertille Rose JSK One of my favourite Innocent World prints, I have an itch in the wallet every time I see it in the second hand market. I would gladly own it in every color and cut released.

Innocent World - Rococo Rose Border JSK
Innocent world - Bisque Doll JSK
Innocent world - Roman Mosaic Tuck JSK I am currently selling this, but with zero luck. I think I might keep it.
Alice and the Pirates - Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Mary JSK As a fan of Innocent World, whose dresses are perfect in terms of construction, I was very surprised to see this dress from inside. The materials are very pleasant though.

Innocent world - Flap Pocket Braid JSK
Innocent world - Rococo Rose Skirt I am not a skirt person, these two are the only ones I own. This one came from swap, the other one from a luckypack.
Innocent world - Baked Sweets Skirt
Innocent world - Rococo Rose JSK If I am not mistaken, this is a piece from 2001. I don't know why I even bought this, I have never worn it and have no intention to do so, but there is something appealing to me in the idea of having an ancient piece from my favourite brand.

OPs, JSKs - my handmade

Boystyle items

Atelier Boz - Roland jacket (men's) My dream item. Speaking of Rolandos, my size is between men's and lady's, and this one is too big on me. I'm gathering courage to alter it to my size.
Innocent World - Tailored Bustle JSK It is actually a dress, but I bought it with intention to wear as a vest. I cannot imagine it worn as a dress, it is a bit see-through and very short. And also very tight.
Innocent World - Rosa Pleated JSK This is also a dress, but even Innocent World advises to pair it with pants. This piece is very versatile and I wear it often both as an overdress and as a vest.
Handmade vest I made this as a part of my leprechaun coord for a fashion show. I love Irish culture and everything connected.

Innocent World - Gretia JSK I bought this to wear as a casual/office dress, but it turned out to be too tight to wear for the whole day. But at the same time I discovered it can be worn unbuttoned as a long vest, it is great in pirate coords. Bonus: it has real deep comfy pockets!
Atelier Boz Striped swallowtail vest Not sure if it is its official name, but it was put for sale twice under it. Bought it on y!auctions without knowing the measurements. Fortunately it has inverted pleats and corset lacing in the back so it gives a lot of freedom to be adjusted.
Black Peace Now Very easy to wear item. Although I would prefer a different (less wrinkly) material.

All are handmade

Blouses, boleros, cardigans

I omitted some plain cutsews and items in the same color to avoid clogging this post. I wear boleros with my lolita very often, I prefer them to blouses.

Innocent World // Taobao // Innocent World // Dear Celine

Handmade // Dear Celine // Baby the stars shine bright // Innocent World

Innocent World // Innocent World // Dear Celine // Dear Celine

Innocent World // Dear Celine // Handmade // Taobao

Innocent World // Innocent World // Axes Femme // Axes Femme

Axes Femme // Innocent World // Axes Femme // Innocent World

Innocent World // Innocent World // Axes Femme // Innocent World

Innocent World // Innocent World

Jackets, Coats

Innocent World // Innocent World // Baby the stars shine bright

Alice and the pirates // Fanplusfriend // Alice and the pirates


Left to right:
T.Taccardi, Bodyline, T.Taccardi, Bodyline, Bodyline
Innocent World, Tamaris, Bodyline, Bodyline

Left to right:
Bodyline, Axes Femme, Oak Tree Farms
Bodyline, Funtasma, Bodyline
Bodyline, Bodyline, T.Taccardi


I did not picture all of my headpieces because, honestly, I find this section long and boring. Instead I pictured major items such as hats. I also wear berets for casual coords.
I have a lot of flower clips and bow clips hich I make myself, I use them to decorate my hats and berets.

Left to right:
Handmade tricorn, Hatlock tophat, AatP tophat; offbrand bowler, Victorian maiden hat, offbrand straw hat; offbrand straw hat, offbrand berets.


I have pictured the most interesting and/or lolita-specific bags I have. These have not changed much since last year, the only item that was added is the IW star bag, which is my favourite bag at the moment. I also use normie bags with lolita coords, but putting them here will be boring. The other bag I use all the time is the black one. Since I have increased the number of black dresses in my wardrobe, I guess I should buy more bags in black XD

HowRU (taobao) // Artmi (taobao) // Loris // Loris
Pink-Up // Beibaobao (taobao) // offbrand // Innocent World // Innocent World

Waiting for:

(in the mail)
Angelic Pretty Checkmate JSK
Pumpkin cat - Undomiel blouse (that name!!!)
Your Gift - Academy of Magic
Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Cameo Embroidery Bolero

Hinana's Lolita - Rococo OP
Westeros Armoire - Bunnies in Pokerland
Long Ears Sharp Ears - Kingdom of fairies

I guess I should set up goals for 2017. Viewing the above I should say I need a better petticoat for short dresses asap XD
I post my coords to my instagram, take a look if you are interested.
See you next year!
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