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Doctor Ferdinand's 2017 Wardrobe Post

Hello, everyone! This is my very first wardobe post! I've been in the fashion for almost two years but lurked for a while before that.

I want to apologize for the lighting in these photos. It's been raining and hailing all day and will continue the rest of the week. Maybe next year it'll be a sunny new year! We will see....Anyway!

Happy New Year!

Please find me at my instagram here!


Both AatP Sleepless Masquerade in the Twilight

Left: AatP Rose's Prisoner in the Pirates Ship; Right: IW Tulle Lace (Chiffon Version)

Left: AP Wrapping Cherry; Right: AP Drained Cherry

Left: BtSSB Cherish My Juicy Cherry; Right: BtSSB Cherry Rendezvous ~BABY CHERRY start of a Romance~

Left: AP Whip Collection; Right: AP Gingham Scallop

Left: IW Elizabeth; Right: SurfaceSpell Judgement Day

Left: Statice Viloria Margarita; Right: Lady Sloth Lace Series

Left: Lief The Grace; Right: AatP Alicia

Left: IW Lace Crinoline; Right: IW Tulle Lace (Shantung version)


Left: AP; Right: Offbrand

Left: Metamorphose; Right: Offbrand

Left: Bodyline; Right: Dear Celine

Both offbrand.

Left: Yilia Lolita; Right: Offbrand

Both offbrand.


Left to right: AP, AatP, BtSSB, Bodyline, Sweet Mildred, Triple Fortune

Left: Both AP, Middle: Both AatP, Right: BtSSB

Left: Bodyline, Middle & Right: All Sweet Mildred

Triple Fortune

Veil: Lily of the Valley; Bonnet: SurfaceSpell; Hat (top): F+F; Crown: Voodooodolly;
Veiled Hat: Vintage

All vintage hats.


L to R: Teja Jamilla, Metamorphose, Putumayo, rest are offbrand


Bodyline, Taobao (I don't remember what stores D:), and ofbrand


Necklaces: Purgatory Plaything & Black Unicorn Shoppe;
Earrings: Purgatory Plaything & Offbrand

Too many to name, so if there is something you're curious about, please ask.

Things handmade by friends, and from AatP, Peacockalorum, and Moonshine Baby


Top, L to R: Betsey Johnson, Vintage, Vintage
Middle: Disney, IW, Loris, Vintage
Bottom: AP, Loris, Loris, Vintage

~Odds & Ends (aka things I forgot to photograph)~

Necklace & Brooches: Vintage
Bow & Wrist Cuffs: Peacockalorum

Wrist Cuffs: Bodyline & Classical Puppets
Gloves: Offbrand

Parasol: AP, Collar: IW

~On the Way~

AP Sheep Garden

AP Snow Fairy

Metamorphose Teddy Ribbon Cape

Thank you for reading!

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