December 28th, 2010

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 I've noticed that a lot of so cal loli's don't check the so cal communities so I'd like to post this here as well!
Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 28th) I'll be going to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my boyfriend and a bunch of his friends. However I hate rollercoasters and will not be going on any so I've decided to dress in the usual lolita attire. Who would like to join me? Tickets are only $25 which isn't awful. I am just sad that I'll be all alone while he is with his buddies on rides.
I'd be bringing a small blanket for me to sit on (as to not ruin my skirt or anything else)
If anyone is interested, PM me!
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Bonnet time!

 I know I'm a few months late on the theme, but I wanted some feedback on a bonnet I made! For kicks, it is in tutorial format, so if any of you lovely lolis want to try and make your own (or have opinions on how to improve my own crafting!) you are certainly welcome to use this tutorial :)
 ~~**~~**~~**VERY PICTURE HEAVY!**~~**~~**~~

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Curious about Aristocrat

Has anybody seen other styles of Aristocrat? I've just seen Gothic for the most part. I'd really like to see Aristocrat in classic florals or OTT sweet! I've searched, and seen a few wa-Aristo coordinates, but nothing else. If you've seen any photos or designs of Aristocrat in anything other than gothic, can you show me please?
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Question about Bodyline's military style jacket

I am asking for a male friend who really likes the design of this jacket:
Number P157.

The problem is, he doesn't want it if it has a feminine cut, and we can't tell from the pictures whether the jacket has a feminine shape because of the way it's cut or just because of the shape of the model's body. Does anyone here who owns the jacket or has seen it in person know whether it would look right on a boy?
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How much would stains reduce the value of a rare print?

 So awhile ago I bought the AP Ichigo Millefeuille OP in Mint, unfortunately it's just a smidge too small for me. I've been holding onto it for awhile because I've been hoping to lose weight, but that apparently isn't happening and I don't want to have a dress that I can't wear comfortably.
I'm looking to sell it now but the only issue is that there are some stains under the arms from a previous owner which I haven't been able to get rid of. 
So, how much do these stains reduce the value of the dress? I wasn't aware of them when I bought the dress and I think I paid around 300 for it. The stains aren't really noticeable at all when worn and someone more crafty than me may be able to remove them if they try, but they still aren't very attractive.
I guess what I'm asking is; is 300 a reasonable price for a stained dress? If not (and I'm guessing it's not) how much should I reduce the price when I sell it?


Lolita stickers?

Hello fellow lolita!
I was wondering where I can buy lolita stickers. There are a few things I'm looking for:
-Imai kira-style stickers
-Sweets stickers
-Lace stickers

I would like to buy them online.
Thank you!
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Fundraiser for Animals in Need

The holidays have got me in a giving mood and I'm considering making some simple, good quality accessories, like rings and necklaces to raise money for a donation to the Humane Society.

I'd want to put 80% towards HSUS

Comments, suggestions on this? I've only been with the sales community for a little over a year, and I've never seen one. Has it been done before? Be nice to know the organization and the outcome.