December 27th, 2010

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Lolita and green hair

I've been wondering for awhile now... is it acceptable to have a (for lack of a better word) unnatural hair color when wearing lolita? What I mean is it acceptable to have colors like blue, green, purple, pink, or a combination of those? I would really like to know whether or not it's just a bad idea to have colored hair and wear lolita at the same time. Does anyone have any good advice or opinions for me?

Did you miss meta's LP? Well they have you covered.

Metamorphose posted on the English Blog that because the packs sold so well they are going to be posting a another LP sale. I kinda wish I would have waited, I need more skirts personally! They will be posting these 17:00 12/28 (japan time).

< detail of Winter Lucky Pack ( 10,000 YEN ) >
product number: 100000800000
product name: Winter Lucky Pack ( 10,000 YEN )
price: 10,000 yen (plus shipping)

Items in this bag will be
- full shirred waist skirt
- long sleeve blouse,
- bloomers,
- special original bag,
+ α
Items in this bag will be worth approximately 30,000 yen.

EGL Contest & banner reminder!

Hi guys! Just a reminder for anyone who missed it EGL now has monthly contests. Please show your support by joining in our current contests! Everyone is welcome to enter. We have a co-ordinate contest and an art contest~ For further explanation, please see this post. If you need a bit more time to submit your work, let me know and we may be able to extend the deadline past the 31st.

Also, a reminder about banner art submissions, If you would like to submit art for next month, please check this post. Remember, it can be any medium and any subject so long as it's related to lolita or a substyle.

Thanks for reading!
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2011 trend prediction!

I made a post last year about the changes in trends from 2009 to 2010, so now that the new year is starting, I decided to make another one!

A recent trend I've noticed are belts! lots of posts on daily_lolita have coordinates of all styles accented with an offbrand belt. I really like this trend and actually went out and bought a belt of my own to wear with an innocent world jsk of mine~ I'm guessing that most people choose to wear belts to make their outfits more suitable looking for casual wear. Does this mean that the coming year's most popular style will lean towards casual lolita? Only time will tell~

so here are some questions to help predict what will be popular in 2011. Please answer any of them and the ones that get agreed with the most, I will post up here~

1. What trends do you see sprouting in the community? Belts, Longer skirts, un-natural wig colors
2. Which style do you think will become more popular in 2011? Classic, Casual, Pirate, Mori girl inspired 
3. What color schemes do you think will be popular? Lavender/Periwinkle, jewel tones, darker colors
4.  Which brand do you expect to put out the best designs for the new year?  Alice and the Pirates, Metamorphose

Thanks girls!
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Bodyline Sale?

Hi, I saw a post on Bodyline saying "1th Sep Mr yan birthday sale! all 50% off!" and that it was extended, but not to when. I was wondering how the sale discount worked on the items (are they discounted during checkout or when exactly), or if they were reflected on the prices of the items, if ended already. I have interest on a couple of items too I would like some information/reviews/opinions on. Names or links to reviews would be great on any of these.

L251 (Soft Cream):

L223: (Not liking this as much now)

L249 (Macaroon):

L191 (Sweet Biscuit Heart Chocolate):