December 26th, 2010

I have one little question...

If this is not allowed, Mods, feel free to delete :D

I just have one little question to ask. For the total Length listed of JSK's, or OP's, is the length taken from the top of the bodice to the end of the JSK or OP, or from the top of the shoulder straps?

I have searched memories, yet found nothing D:

again, I am sorry if this is a stupid question~
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Sales in January?

While everyone is excited about new year's lucky packs, do you have information about the new year's sales as well? I'm especially intrested in Innocent World's webshop and the BTSSB store in Paris. (If I remember well, the Paris Baby store had a 30% off sale last January, or early February, but I can't remember.)

If you know something about upcoming sales, please share!
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So egl...2011?

So egl, do you have any lolita related New Years resolutions that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear what they are!

As for me, I'm planning on saving for a new camera! Mine sometimes doesn't catch all of the details in my clothing. I'd love to have something a little nicer. I also have a few "dream" dresses I'm determined to get my hands on in 2011. Wonder Party, Magical Etoile, Little Bears Cafe, & Meta's Teddy Patisserie.

So, how's about it? :D