December 23rd, 2010

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Parents' reactions?

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EDIT-  Wow, thank you for the huge reaction, all of your comments were very helpful!  I admit that I am a bit of a crybaby, so, I have a rough time keeping a straight face at some things.  My parents are very fair for the most part, we're just very close, so I have a hard time whenever we have a disagreement over something.  When I said, "Significant other," I was just trying to mention another example of somebody with a big influence on your life who you'd want to please.  I've never had a boyfriend. ^^"  I'm planning on using my sewing machine to make skirts and such in the basic shape using prints which my mom hopefully won't find offensive.  Also, they've agreed that I can spend some of my Christmas money on the rufflebuttocity, and they'll pay for shipping!  So, I've mostly resolved this problem, thank you again everyone!Collapse )

Washing Help - Holy Night Story

 So, my Holy Night Story skirt arrived yesterday!! >.< I was so excited! It's my very first lolita item and it arrived on my birthday!

But anyway, I know I've asked this before in another post, but no one had their HNS 's yet, so I was wondering how I should wash this print? Can I put it on a cold wash or something, or do I have to dry clean it? I think I'll be wearing my skirt a lot, and dry cleaning is going to end up being expensive!! O.O Oh, and it's in pink, if that makes any difference as to how I wash it.

Thanks for any help〜!

** Edit: I'd love to see any photos of you in your Holy Night Story, especially skirts, because I'm kind of stuck for co-ordinates. :/ !**

Potentially stupid question ahead.

 Alright, I checked the memories and couldn't find anything on the subject and I tried looking at various brand sites but I also couldn't find anything ... so I ask; 

Could one use MULTIPLE cards to pay at, say, Meta's online store? 

I have near $200 and I can't find a card that doesn't require me to have a bank account that allows me to put more then $100 on a single card. I'm really scared of trying to use two cards and then they think I'm doing something shady and put me on the blacklist. D X> 

And my parents won't let me use their credit cards because they say "All OFFENSIVE WORD sites are full of scammers, if I let you use my card, they'll take everything from my account!" and it so frustrating. T ^ T  I just want a Honey Picnic set before they get sold out .... thats all I want for Christmas!! >X D; 

Any help would be very much appreciated!