December 22nd, 2010

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BTSSB Lucky Packs

Baby has added info regarding the lucky packs on their japanese website. The info is completely in japanese, no english like on the special winter sale page. It seems that the packs are only available through mail-order. Also, when I got this right (my japanese is still crappy) they only ship within Japan or you can only get the packs at the stores.

An*tai*na Tea Party Question

I hope this doesn't sound like too much of a stupid question, but I'm just confused about something.
I was looking into buying a pair of tea parties from An*tai*na (these ones: through a shopping service of course, but I can't quite understand what shoe size cm they are using? I may just be over thinking it, and thus cannot figure out if it is in Japanese cm or Chinese cm but I can't figure out my shoe size in order to buy from them. Dx Is that understandable? I wear a shoe size 7.5 in US size, so would a 37 be alright? Also I was wondering if they were true to size, so I dont end up getting a shoe too big or too small.

Thank you in advance, sorry if this question was repeated I looked in the memories and could not find what I needed.
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F-Yeah J Fashion Tumblr

I'm not quite aware how many of you lovely people have a tumblr account, but if you do, I thought you might like to follow this tumblr:

Submissions are open, and any suggestions would be lovely.

(This isn't a community, so it's still alright to post this link, yeah? Feel free to delete this post if otherwise! :))
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