December 21st, 2010

Blouse too risque?

So, I sketched up a new design that I'm working on currently. The skirt is meant to be lolita, but is the blouse too un-traditional? Can I pair the skirt with the blouse in my design, and still have the gothic coordinate overall be lolita?

I took the inspiration of the halter blouse from Namie Amuro. Of course, I figured if I throw a cardigan over it - then it won't be breaking any lolita rules.


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Hi there, UK lolis, I have late-night TV viewing for you!

I thought it was worth mentioning here. Some of you may have already noticed the clips of it in the December movies advertisement on Channel 4 and it's sister channels, but on December 26th at 1.40am Film4 is going to be airing Kamikaze Girls.

Since it's on so late (or should I say early-morning?) I'd recommend recording it if you have something like Sky+, unless you already have it on DVD or plan on being up at that time anyway. :)

Problems with converting Yen to Euros.

Hello everyone, I'm gogglebunny and I'm just resently getting into the lolita fashion. I wanted to buy some nice clothes from some cool japense shops but I'm having problems converting Yen to Euros. I wanted to buy something from excentrique:

The site says that it's 23.100 yen, however I don't know where I should remove the dot when I put this number in the converter. If I remove the dot it's 209.997 euro, but when I keep the dot it's 0.210 euro?

Could someone please tell me how much this is and how I should go about converting yen into euros? 
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Angelic Pretty USA Lucky Packs!

 Just noticed this on the Angelic Pretty USA site!

It seems they will have more details up on the 28th, but I was just too excited to wait to post about it!  Super glad they are doing it -after- Christmas, I know where all my Christmas money is going now. 

Who else is excited?