December 20th, 2010

Lolitable skirt?

I just got into this fashion at the end of July so I'm still in the process of studying the fashion(this has been consuming my free time) and beginning my own wardrobe (which will take me some time...).  I found this skirt in my basement and I just wanted to know:  if I wore a petticoat under this skirt if it would be lolita acceptable!
( if it is hard to see, the black designs on the skirt are actually flowers)

Thank you for you help!

Socks, Tights, and Gigantic Calves

I was wondering if anyone with wide calves has had any luck buying cute socks and tights, and if so, where.  I've tried all of the RTW plus-size stores, but they either don't carry kneesocks at all, or they carry them in standard sizes because most of their clientele fit in them anyway.  I ask this because my calves measure 17 inches around the widest part.  Any store-bought knee socks don't stretch enough to fit around my calves, and the few pairs that have always cut in below my knee because they are not meant to stretch so far in width, therefore taking away from the length.

So, my question is for thick-stemmed lolitas:  where do you find your legwear?
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Baby Sale, Baby Reserve & Baby Special Set

 Well now that Meta LPs are Sold Out and IW came out with some Lucky Packs, it's Baby's turn!

Firstly Baby will have an online sale for a limited time only. 17:00 on 21st, December to 11:00 on 24th, December.

Secondly Baby will not have 1 or 2 BUT 3 Special Set
i. shoe set (in specified sizes) ¥ 12,600
ii. Bag Set ¥ 12,600
iii.Accessory Set ¥ 5,250

Thirdly the DVD collaborative will be on reserve December 22 but I don't know anything about it

Meta Shipping?-Solved-

Hello EGL~

So my darling hubby wanted to surprise me with one of Meta's CL honey picnic LPs but doesnt know if it has shipped yet. He had ordered it a few days before the date they were set to ship and is little bummed that he had to ask me if Meta sends out an E-mail verifying that the LP has shipped fearing that it wont arrive in time for X-Mas. I myself have never bought anything direct from Meta's web shop so i wasn't of much help. So on the question~ does Meta send out an E-mail verifying that your order has shipped?

Thank you in advance~♥

it appears my Darling's eyesight isn't the greatest...after kicking him off his computer and searching through his E-mail, I had found the tracking info... He's relieved and my LP is currently in California so it'll most likely be here in a few days~ Happy Hawaii lolita is happy :D

Thank you for all your help~♥

BTSSB Lucky Pack Question

Ok, so I have been looking around for the answer to this for about an hour, and I decided I might as well just ask, as all I could really find was the "How to order from BTSSB" post, and it didn't quite answer my questions. 

Where does Baby usually list the Lucky Packs when they put them on the site? I know a few other people were interested in knowing this as well.

And also, is there a way to register without having to buy something? Filling out all of the information is rather time consuming, and I don't want to have to take the time to fill it all out and potentially miss my chance at snagging a Lucky Pack because of it.

Thanks in advance guys!