December 19th, 2010


Meetup @ EOY 2010

For those who might be wondering, EOY 2010 is an acronym which simply means end of the year, heh. It's an annual cosplay/anime/gothic lolita event happening locally, and usually in December (hence, EOY). We Singaporeans are a prosaic lot, yes, lol. Our budget airport terminal had a naming contest when it first opened and the winning entry was 'Budget Terminal'.

But I digress! A bunch of us met up for the event held last Sunday and here are some pics :)

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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wanted some advice on how to lolify a v-neck top I purchased. It has a very elegant look to it. It is navy blue and has a big black bow on the right shoulder. Its made out of this really soft cotton and its just so adorbale. I will have to take pictures of it once I get home. How will you loli a v-neck though? I was thinking of making a peter pan collar tie with black ribbon. Picturs wil be up later. (hopefully im not to tired. haha)
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Rose Quartz

Okay! So I got a little bored! But who doesn't like Themed Haikus???

Seeing as this month's theme was Sweet and Blue, and I have no blue lolita clothing, I decided to write a series of haikus about candy and the like. *ish a giant nerd-ball*
For those who don't know, haikus are a form of Japanese poetry 14 syllables long. An example of how it should be written below:

Five on the first line,
And then there is seven more,
And then five again.

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Halloween guro lolita nurse

London Help!

So i am going to London after new years with my school.
I was wondering if there were any lolita shops in London, England i can go to.
my hotel will be at this address: Russell Square, City of London, Greater London WC1 1AB, United Kingdom (Hotel President London Russell Square)
i would also like any punk shops too, since i can incorporate a punk lolita type thing.

Shooting Star Replicas on Taobao

I've been trying to track down these bags on taobao since I saw them offered by a SS on facebook. Thankfully somebody submitted the link to my Taobao shop list the other day so I'd like to share.

The brown and red are really gross looking but the pink and blue aren't terrible. They have tons of other bags though that come in less weird colors.

I know a lot of people are opposed to replicas but please do not make this into a post about the evils of replicas.

Curiouser & Curiouser...

Help, fashion inspiration needed! I just bought Baby's "Garden Alice" skirt in red from their San Francisco store and am curious - how would you coordinate this piece? It's absolutely gorgeous in person, and I love the print, but I'm running into a wall as its practically the only red thing I own. It has pink, white and brown in the print as well so I'm hoping people can give me some inspiration to work with those colors. If you own this skirt yourself, pics would be awesome!

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How do you organize your lolita life?

Let me first start off by saying that I loved Miss Lumpy's post on her blog a couple of weeks ago about how much Dorothy and Alice have in common as lolita icons. I am a huge fan of both, but this week seems to have been OZ themed for me. My mom rented Rented Return to OZ this week, then The Wizard of OZ happened to be on TV the next day, I have been hearing the music everywhere, and to top it all off I found the most awesome "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ" daily planner at borders today. It is sprinkled with excerpts from the original story, and all of the illustrations. It is completely gorgeous and totally loliable, and I can't wait to start organizing my life with it. I wanted to share some of the particularly lolita pages from it with you lovely people, and I also wanted to know: How do you organize your life, do you have a cute lolita daily planner?

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Metamorphose Lucky Packs are out!

Meta has their year end LPs out as of 20 minutes ago.

They have them available in 2 colour options again (like the summer LPs).  You can choose to either get a dark colour one, or a light colour one.  Each LP also includes a large plastic tote. 

I LOVE THIS DANG TOTE!  It's almost the main reason I'm getting the LPs.  I ordered 2 (one in light and one in dark colours).  It looks like this might be old stock from the sample pictures, so I'm hoping for the best since I love most of the stuff they've released this past year. XD

Any other ladies out there taking a shot at this?  Which one are you getting?
white lolita


Re-make of t-shirt x sweater.

2nd hand Meta t-shirt I bought with arm pit stains, yuck! Trew it aside..
Bodyline sweater I washed wrong lol, the print was gone.


So who else did some lolita item re-makes? I'd love to see pics ^^

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