December 18th, 2010


AP Candy Treat Alteration: Micro-Tutorial

So I made a post a while back asking advice on how to go about altering a dress.
I finished the alterations the other day, and would like to share with you how I did it!
This is unplanned, but it also fits the Sweets Theme for December. :P

Basic Idea of Steps
1. Take apart lining.
2. Take apart bodice.
3. Make new panels to fit in.
4. Rebuild bodice.
5. Rebuild lining.
6. Take out zipper.
7. Rebuild lining half of zipper.
8. Rebuild bodice half of zipper.
9. Dance party.

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Minky Shop

 Has anyone ever bought anything from Minky Shop on Ebay? Their lolita clothing is...... well, horrible, but I really love their shoes! 

I am considering buying a pair or two of their shoes after Christmas and was wondering if anyone had bought anything and could tell me if their service was good or not. XD Here's the link:


Love Live Lolita, a new(ish) Blog!

I started this blog back in September. Unfortunately, due to schoolwork I neglected to update it. Now I'm focusing on it again, and I'd really like if you could have a look!

I'll be posting about everything Lolita-related, and then some. I'm focusing a little on Lifestyle ideas and hobbies at the moment. I started two features a while back which I intended to have regularly, one of which I'm actually keeping on, called "Good Idea, Bad Idea: LLL Edition"
I'm also accepting questions for the blog. If you have any topics you'd like covered, or questions you'd like answered, send your questions to lovelivelolita (at)

Thank you very much! ^ ^