December 15th, 2010

Innocent World Bodice Lengths

Hi, folks, I really loved some of Innocent World's JSKs, but it's been years since I've tried one on and they've changed their sizes since then.

I was wondering if anyone knew the bodice length on the Gertrude JSK, Lauretta JSK or Beatrice JSK? Especially if you have the Long version. The measurements listed on the site for waist, bust and length are fine, but I'm concerned about the bodice being too short and hitting me like an empire waist instead of at my natural waist.
(if it helps at all, I'm 6 feet tall, but more of my height is in my legs.)

Thanks so much in advance, I'd really appreciate it.
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Out of stock on Bodyline purchase.

I ordered a pair of black rocking horse shoes last night and I got an email today saying that they're out of stock! So, what's going to happen?!
Am I going to have to wait for a restock? Or will they let me exchange my purchase for another pair of shoes?? I'M FREAKING OUT!

But I just checked the website, and it say's that the same pair in this size that I want is IN STOCK... Um, what the heck? Is it just the JP size that's out of stock, or what?!

Well, who would'a known! Bodyline managed to get a new shippment and fill my order in a matter of about 2 to 3 days. They're already in L.A., so I should be getting them by monday. I'm so pleased. :)
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Changing from Lolita to....

So I am still in school and I was wondering how long would it take to change out of a Lolita dress and into PE clothes.♪ I am going to be a new loli but I have not recieved any Loli stuff yet. :/ But it should be here anytime.♫ I was just wondering how long does it take to get Loli stuff on and off? :O Thanks! :D ♪

Holy Night Story Majorette Hat

 I REALLY want the tin soldier hat that goes with the Holy Night Story series. Does anyone know if it is still available anywhere?

Also, what colours does it come in? I've only seen one picture of a white one, I can't seem to find anything else. If I can't find it, I'll get the bow instead, but the hat is so AMAZINGLY AWSOME that I would much prefer it! ><


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