December 13th, 2010

Trouble with Dream of Lolita?

Has anyone else had trouble with items ordered from Dream of Lolita recently? I ordered an OP through Clobbao almost a month ago and the Clobbao people haven't even received my order yet. Apparently they've been having trouble getting in contact with DOL. This is my first Taobao order and I'm starting to get worried.
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Lolita is my anti drug

****Contains images of drug paraphernalia, candy, and silliness. If you are offended by ANY of the above things please scroll past without clicking.****

This is an ironic poke at the Sweet image and Sugar Rush. We do not condone or encourage use of illegal or dangerous substances. No substances were abused in the creation of these photos, although one girl did get a sugar high.

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madame gautreau

another poll about style changes

As a follow-up to my previous post, I thought it would be interesting to see what other styles are influencing the community.  I've only included four because I'm not that familiar with others, but feel free to discuss others in the comments.

I am interested in the following fashion style(s)

dolly kei
mori girl
fairy kei

Do you plan to integrate the style(s) that interest you into Lolita coordinates?

I plan to wear the other styles completely separately from Lolita
I plan to mix them together with Lolita
I plan to wear them both separately AND elements of them mixed with Lolita

Do you think you will be phasing out of Lolita in favor of one of these other styles?

not sure (please feel free to discuss in the comments)

Others Opinion of lolita

Lately I have been under scrutiny for loving lolita. It's to the point where I have begun to delete people off of facebook for their idiotic comments. My ex said it shouldn't be worn out because it is "creepy" and others said they are disappointed in me for enjoying the fashion and that any guy that likes lolita should be "kicked in the balls". I wanted to know your opinions of such people and what I should do if when I encounter them?

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Lolita Christmas

Christmas time is here, and since I celebrate it, and I'm sure there are plenty of other roris who do, I thought I'd pose this question.

If you could decorate your Christmas Tree with anything you wanted, regardless of price, what would you put on it?

What would you put on it to make it Lolita themed? [Or Victorian/Rococo themed?]

Personally, I love love love lights.  And huge trees.  I'm planning on becoming an engineer, and I'd love to be able to get a house with a huge foyer that has a really high ceiling so I could have a tree that's like two stories tall, no joke.  I also really like white trees for some reason.  Dunno why.

Then I'd string up hundreds of lights, and I'd put bulbs on it, and I'd probably change the color scheme in rotation XD  Like one year I'd do silver and blue, and one year I'd do red and gold,  and then the next it would be silver, black, and gold, etc.

If I were to do it lolita style, I'd have a topper that was a lolita (probably classic or sweet, since it would be pretty simple to make it match the theme.)  I'd put white lights on it, and then decorate it with bows and popcorn strings.....  and some pretty little heart shaped ornaments and maybe a few teddy bears and rabbits.
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Well, color me confused.

I was browsing Etsy when I found a China-based shop that's barely a year old, has received all of four reviews, and is very obviously using stock images from HMHM (e.g., this cosplay OP, this skirt, and this Victorian Maiden replica). Is this just straight-up photo theft, or is the shop actually affiliated with the brand? I imagine someone would have discovered it and reported it before now, but considering that it's still up...