December 12th, 2010

The Random Lolita

Would you look at that, mateys! Another lolita blogg suddenly popped up out of nowhere! *shot for shameless selfpromoting*
Hehe, no seriously. If anyone wants to check out my brand new blog (only some hours old) on lolita, feel free to click the following link!

The Random Lolita!

I wouldn't mind suggestions for spesific subjects to write articles about once in a while either, even if it's mostly a random blog on random things within lolita. But if anyone have any ideas or just feels like saying hi, then feel free to drop by the blogg or just leave a comment here! =D
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"Sold out" means "hopeless case"?

Hey, I was looking at some stuff on taobao and qutieland, and a lot of things say "sold out" or that a particular color is sold out.  Does that mean that it absolutely cannot be bought from them and they won't make it, or just that they're sold out of them premade but they can be custom-made and sized?

If it varies between stores, the particular thing I was looking at was this jacket in white with the bunny ears from Dear Celine:

Sorry if it's a dumb question, I just really want to know if it's still possible to get a hold of these things ;__;
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Looking for opera-loving Lolis in Vienna area

I'm generally looking for opera lovers on LJ, but if they're Loli too, even better. I say Vienna because I'm going there in February for a performance, plan to go in Loli and I'd like to know if there'd be any other Lolis to meet. If yes, we could arrange it.

The day is 5th February, the performance Billy Budd (nice period piece, Napoleonic era = beautiful costumes to drool over). I'd most likely be there the whole afternoon before as I never saw the inner city, only Schönbrunn.

I speak mainly English, I understand written German very well but I don't dare to speak.