December 10th, 2010

Kim Myoung Jae

Wigs and coats at Taobao

Which wig stores sell really good quality wigs on taobao, if any?

One in particular that I'm looking at is Kariss, the others I'd definitely like to know more about.

As for the coats, I'm looking at this one at HMHM, and this one at Cinderella Dreamland. as well as this one at Boguta. They are all different in price, but there's not a big enough difference (that I can see) between them in terms of quality  to account for the price difference. Wondering what experiences people have had with coats at any of the shops? There's only one review for Boguta, and the others, none

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Not sure if this is allowed, if it's not I'll delete it. I decided to post it here because it's the central community of the few I frequent the most.

Recently Telus decided to delete my Webmail, so if you have sent me an email or left me a comment in the past 2 days and I have not replied and you would like a reply, please re-comment or send me a PM.

Thank you!