December 9th, 2010

harry potter

please don't kill me, i have another question ;3;

I'm so sorry I keep asking questions! hahahah I know i just posted about wigs. after this I wont ask anymore questions! LOL

So I'm thinking of asking for some dresses from qutieland for Christmas. I need a store that is easy to purchase from (no shipping services, it will confuse my mom too much) and that's decently priced. I like a lot of the dresses on Qutieland, but I was concerned with the time it took for the dresses to be made! it says that it takes 30 days to make a dress? is that with all the dresses?

Do you think I could happen to get those dresses by Christmas if my mom ordered tomorrow?

also, does anyone know of any other online shops besides the egl sales, closet child, qutieland, anna house, and bodyline that ships either internationally or isn't difficult to buy from and is decently priced? thankss~



I will be going to New York in a week or so. I was wondering if there are any Lolita stores in New York? Im not sure if I can post this but I will. I really need help on this! THX!

Puppet Circus

I hope that You won't be mad because of my question, but I'd really like to know, if there are replicas of Puppet Circus print (from Angelic Pretty)
Please send a link if You know any!

(I ask not because the original is too expensive, I wanted to buy one and noticed that I won't fit into it...
no no no no~~ I'm not fat, I'm just very tall and I have big chest ;____;)

Thanks in advance!

Looking for an old post+bodyline shoe sizing?

:) Hey there, everyone! 

Does anyone remember a post that was up here some months/maybe a year ago, that was discussing pricing/rarity of various AP prints? If anyone has the link to that post, it'd be much appreciated.

And on a second note: Does anyone know if the heartbuckle shoes bodyline has up right now are true to size, centimeter-wise?
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Fan+Friend fabrics

Hi there,
I'm looking for some help decoding Fan+Friend's fabric terminology. Some of the fabric is fine, some of it is, well, crap. It might be nice to have an easy-to-find list of what's crap and what's not. I know I'd rather not get anything in "tender fleece" again!

Not crap:
Regular cotton, like this skirt. It's not thick, but it's nice; I have no complaints here.
Cotton broadcloth. Smooth, decent quality, not see-through. Thin and prone to wrinkles, however. (asilvering , opiatevampire , katu )
Velveteen. Quite nice, pretty thick, not stretchy. (opiatevampire )
Knitting cotton. Some texture, not stretchy. (opiatevampire )
Thick wool. Nice, soft, smooth, not scratchy. (opiatevampire )
Smooth cotton: Heavier than broadcloth, but light enough for shirts. Soft, smooth twill weave. Probably not 100% cotton; doesn't wrinkle as readily. (miscy )
Thick cotton: pretty great actually. Very smooth, thick, and heavy. (asilvering )

Tender fleece. It's thin, crummy, and actually nothing at all like fleece. (asilvering , opiatevampire )
Corduroy. Stiff, starched, and scratchy. (katu )
Wool. Watch out; might be crummy polyester. (tsuki_ciel ) I got a wool hat that was pretty decent; definitely wool, not great quality but not bad either. (asilvering )

Note on black cotton: Not always a very deep black. (mirari_blue , opiatevampire )

Fabrics I'd like to know about:
a. light: silk estimated
c. thick: satin, worsted satin twill, cotton twill, flannel
d. heavy: heavy cotton,  cashmere

Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance. :)

Edit, Dec 10 2010: consolidated reviews into main post. Thanks guys, keep them coming!