December 7th, 2010

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I have questions about wigs and bangs.

I looked through the memories, but the list for shops to buy wigs from was very small. What's the best wig store to buy from that has good quality wigs that aren't like $993293238? I'm looking for websites that are easy to navigate, because I'll probably be asking for some for christmas and it needs to be simple for my mom. ahaha

I've never owned a wig before, but I thought it might be kinda fun to have a different style of hair for a day!

For the people who own wigs and wear wigs frequently, do you really like wigs? are they a huge hassle? pros? cons?

Also, my friend likes bangs, but when she gets bangs she ends up hating them after a couple weeks. I suggested getting those clip in bangs that I've seen around, but I can't seem to find any place that sells good quality versions. Anyone know of any places that sells those?


has anyone bought from how were their wigs? expensive?
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style transitions

I keep seeing posts (in the sales community and on various blogs) from people who seem to be changing from one style of Lolita to another (for example: leaving sweet for gothic, or vice versa).  I thought it might be interesting to do a poll on this topic.  This is by no means a scientific poll -- just for my own curiosity, and hopefully that of others.  Please feel free to discuss further in the comments.
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Advice and experience regarding reactions to Lolita

  Hi, I'm new to EGL and wearing Lolita clothes, although I've been deeply interested in the style for the past 4 years.  I searched the posts under the tags for reactions to lolita, but nothing really talked about how often negative reactions occur.     I finally recieved my first lolita dress from Fairy Angel.  It's Baby the Stars shine bright- it's used, but I unwrapped it...and unexpectedly found my dream dress.  It's mint green- green is my favorite color.  It has little roses- and I love roses.  It's a Jumpskirt, and it looks absolutely wonderful with the Meta top I also bought from Fairy angel.  I put it in my closet at my Mother's house, for safekeeping...and didn't put it on. Why?  If I was honest, I would say it was because the first time I ever got up the guts to wear Lolita in public (instead of just parties with my friends) a guy stared at me.  Leering.  And I put my head down and scurried away.  I love that dress.  It's beautiful.  It's perfect.  And..I am so afraid to wear it.  I don't want to be looked at like that...and I'm not so sure why I'm so afraid.  In high school, I wore crazy OTT goth/punk clothes with huge hats and hand-painted shoes.  In my first two years of college, I painted wreaths of flowers in bright eyeliners.  This is  just another way to express what I want to wear...but.  Somehow, being leered at like some kind of prostitute-like I was just there to tempt him- bothers me so much more than anything else I've ever experienced.
Any advice?  How often does it really happen?  Was I just unlucky?  How do you handle it?  Is this going to happen every time I wear my Loli in public?  And what ratio are the "Heidi" or "little Bo Peep" comments (which I find easy to handle) to the pervy, nasty reactions (much harder to handle)? do you handle the discomfort that comes from being leered at?  How do you react?

EGL Contest Announcement - December

The December egl   co-ordinate and Art Contest!

egl will be hosting two contests for the first time this month! There is an EGL co-ordinate contest and an EGL Art contest. We've had the idea of doing EGL contests for a long time, and hopefully this will become a monthly occurrence. This month will serve as a sort of 'test' to see how to handle things like judging, and how much interest we get. So please show your support and join in!

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EGL Contest Submission Post - December

Please submit your entries here~!

For full details on both contests please check this post. This post is to submit your final entries - please be sure that you are happy with your submission as we won't accept second submissions! All entries must be recieved by December 31, 2010 (midnight GMT)  Comments on this post will be frozen after this date. Judging will commence some time into the new year, with a poll for the art contest an a judge-picked winner for the co-ord contest. All participants entries will be displayed along with the winner.

Please leave a comment with the following (comments are automatically screened):
-Your picture/art (please keep the image a good size, around 400 pixels wide. A link to it is fine.)
-Any additional comments you'd like to make, such as explaining your piece (But please nothing too long)
Thank you for taking part :D
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A quick question about brands and a weird blouse measurement tendency

Hello egl! I was wondering if you could answer (or at least speculate on) a question I had concering brands and the sizing of their blouses. While looking at various websites (particularly IW and BTSSB), I noticed a strange trend among lolita brands to make the minimum measurements (especially in the bust area) for the blouses a couple or sometimes even three or four inches bigger than the minimum measurements on their jsks and ops. Having smallish measurements myself, I find this rather infuriating. I can reasonably expect to fit the dresses, but never the blouses? Why do you think this strange difference exists? Is there any possible reason why this would make sense, especially considering that these blouses are typically shown worn under the smaller jsks? I was hoping to possibly save up and buy a skirt or dress and blouse from a brand, but it doesn't seem like I'll ever fit the blouses without extra alteration expenses. :(

Thank you for any comments or opinions on this frustrating phenomenon!
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Skirts and waist vs. hips

Hi, I'm fairly new to lolita but own some items - however I just ordered my first skirt.

Suddenly I'm having doubts - I know my waist measurement should be ok, but how well does the skirt's waistband usually stretch to fit over hips? My waist is 72cm, hips 95. :/

In this case referring specifically to Innocent World skirts, the one I ordered is this one, I can't see a zip so suddenly I'm paranoid. I often have a problem with Japanese skirts/bottoms because of this, so now I'm worried. Does it have a hidden zip, or will I have to try and stretch it over my hips?

Any info or experiences would be appreciated!

Coord Help: Toning Down Frills?

I'm just starting to wear my lolita things in everyday life, but I don't want to be too flashy during class. (It would distract me.) I own Baby's pocket embroidery jsk in black, and I love it dearly, but every coordinate I think of would be too princessy for lecture or really lazy-looking.

So, does anyone have ideas/pictures of casual coords with fancy, frilly jsks that look both casual and elegant? It's alright if they're not strictly loli-- I just don't want this dress gathering dust in my closet.