December 5th, 2010

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Altering Brand

I just got my dream dress. I'm beyond happy... but there is one minor issue. It doesn't quite fit. I am just a little too large for the bust of the dress as-is... or a little long in the shoulder, I don't know. However, if I unbutton the straps, it fits just fine, with breathing room, and it just sits a tiny bit lower on my chest. Since there is an extra 3 inches of fabric in the straps, I figure I can just move the buttons down, and problem solved. But I'm really nervous to do it!

So, my question tonight is, would you alter a brand piece? How much alteration would you be willing to do? (moving a button is little, adding panels and such seems like a much bigger undertaking!) And what conditions would need to be met for you to consider it? What about repairing damage on a brand piece?
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Inevitable question about winter boots

Oh wise and wonderful EGL,

From the moment I started lurking on this comm, I've gone through just about every post when it comes to winter boots in the search function. That's because I'm moving to middle of nowhere, Norway. No slow ploughs. No pavements. It reaches a low of -25 degrees Celsius here most years. Sometimes lower. I'm fine for winter clothing. The problem is obviously footwear.

I'm definitely not about to wear heels in this weather. I've read about traction pads and I know about sprays to waterproof shoes. But while I'm open-minded, my nordman thinks they're puny.

But before any of that, what I was wondering is whether synthetic materials are capable of withstanding harsh cold weather conditions? Since that seems to be what most Lolita or pixie boots I can find are made of. And because he keeps saying wellies aren't up to par -_- (something to do with plastic in cold weather).

A possible alternative is wearing these boots kicking around outside and keeping a change of Mary-Jane's for inside/less icy/more habitable areas? It's not like there are many people to laugh at me, unless there are some local moose rocking BTSSB.

Your thoughts?

Bodyline sales

I know that after new years, that most companies have lucky packs but do they have sales as well? someone mentioned that AP had some things on sale as well as lucky packs. Does this apply to bodyline as well.

Thanks for your time and sorry if this already exists.
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