December 2nd, 2010

Quick postage estimate

 Hello EGL!

I apologise if this has already been asked but I was thinking of buying a Lucky Pack from Metamorphose this month (probably a 15000yen one) and I was wondering how much people think it would cost to ship to the UK. I have been saving up for ages so I would love a rough estimate. Do you think £150 will be enough for the Lucky Pack and the shipping on top? This will be my first Lucky Pack!

Thank you!

Luna xxx

Innocent World coats + Lucky Packs


I know that something similiar about brand coats has been posted only a few days ago by somebody else but it's not exactly the same question and I didn't get an answer there either.
I was thinking about getting the recent IW Lucky Pack which contains a coat. I need a warm coat very badly and was wondering if I should take the chance and get the lucky pack containing a coat, JSK and blouse for less money than a single coat would cost.

However, I've never ordered a lucky pack before and additionally I have no idea how warm IW's coats are. Other than that I wondered if they consider their capes as coats too? If they do a LP would probably a bad idea because most of their "coats" are in fact capes.

Hence, my questions are:
Do you have any experiences with IW's coats?
Do you own one of their recent coats?
Do they consider their capes as coats too?
Do you have any experiencs with IW's lucky packs?
If yes, is it likely they'll send me a cape in the Lucky Pack?

thanks for reading!
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Could I wear this headdress?

I am considering buying a headdress from Anna house, but I don't know whether it would look good on me, because I have very different hair and head shape than the mannequin the headdress is pictured on. As you can see from the userpic, my hair is long, straight, and has little body, and my head is oval-shaped, not round. How do you think the headdress pictured under the cut would look on me? Please be honest if you think it would look bad.
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Picture Request: Alice Auaa Skull Skirt

I saw someone post up a skirt a while back that was, I believe, by Alice Auaa. I saved the picture, but y old laptop is, shall we say, in new hands, and I no longer have any of my old pictures. The skirt wasn't strictly Lolita, but I think this is the best place to ask about it.
The skirt was all white, and made completely of an overlay of pieces of fabric cut like skulls.  If I remember correctly, they weren't skulls like the cartoon ones, relistic skulls at an angle.
Does anyone know what this skirt is called? thank you in advance.
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New layout & themes - December

Congratulations to haaro  for winning this moths banner art contest! If you would like to see more of their work, check out their DeviantArt and blog. It was a really close call this month. Thank you to everyone who submitted their wonderful art! If you are interested in submitting art for next months banner, please check this post. If you would like to submit theme suggestions, please check this post. And of course, with a new month we have new themes:

The General Theme for December is Sweets.
Whether it's a delicious ginger bread tutorial, your new bonnet embellished with candy-canes, or a sugary sweet photoshoot, this is your month!

The Aesthetic Theme for December is Blue.
Inspired by the banner artwork, this month is all about the colour blue. Time to show off your blue finds and creations!