December 1st, 2010

Quick Question...

Just a quick question, I'm having a brain fart right now. -__- Is there an english website for BTSSB San Francisco store? I already have their blog bookmarked, but I could have sworn at one point there was an english website for the brand; but now I cannot find it for the life of me...urrghasgdiohghhh...

Thanks in advance!
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Harry Potter Inspired Fabric Design! UPDATED

I've done an art post before, but never anything for fabric design. Currently, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I thought it would be cool to have a lolita outfit to wear to Part 2 of the Harry Potter movie when it comes into theaters. And after looking at all the Harry Potter themed outfits on here, I wanted to design an original one. Collapse )
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Tiny Hands EGL Giveaway Results!

Thank you so much to all who participated in the Tiny Hands EGL Giveaway! Mei was very excited about all of the entries! She is also sorry that it took her a while to get the results posted ^_^;

The winner of the giveaway was laiferr ! Congrats!!! Mei should be sending you a PM about your prize soon!

The blog post about the EGL Giveaway results can be found here:

Again, thank you to all who participated!
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The big Rakuten list

Hey EGL! Seeing as Rakuten now ships internationally, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a Rakuten store list.
This can include actual lolita dresses and clothing items, cute shoes, ageha/hime hair accessories, anything that would be adorable with lolita!

So, if you have a Rakuten store you love, please let us know what it is in a comment below and it will be added to the master list!


1. Dreamv (Accessories, shoes, Gal): (please note items sell out fast)
2. Chocomint (Accessories, lolita, fairy-kei):
3. MAXICIMAM (clothing, accessories, punk/lolita):
4. Atelier Matinal (accessories, petticoats, bridal):
5. Juliette et Justine (clothing, lolita):
6. Miacos (accessories, cosplay, fetish):
7. so-bien (accessories, yukata):
8. Cantik-Cantik (accessories, Gal):
9. Ladysoff (Jesus Diamante, clothing, Gal):
10. Ozzy (jewelry, punk):
11. SHORTY (shoes, cosplay):
12. Jimu (resale clothing, lolita/punk):
13. Oneesan (cosplay):
14. Lumiebre (parasols, handkerchiefs, lolita):
15. Organ Fan (accessories, jewelry, morigirl):
16. With Heart (interior design, novelties, princess):
17. Onepi-C (accessories, clthing, morigirl):
17. name (lolita-related items, actual style):

*Please note*

You cannot order directly from the Japanese webshops listed here! You need to search the shop's name into Rakuten's English website and order from there.
I cannot provide a comprehensive guide on how to do that, as I've never ordered from Rakuten. Sorry!

Lolita Product Updates blog

Hello everyone! I'd just like to share with everyone my new blog:

Lolita Product Updates

Here's a little description: 
Here you will find regular posts with the latest lolita products from the web shops of major brands (and sometimes even smaller ones).

You can also find updates for store sales, reservations and lucky packs here as well as some other sweet deals worth sharing.

So it's very much like newslolita (which unfortunately hasn't been updated in over a year) but on a different medium. I think it will be handy for those who don't check brand sites on a regular basis :)

I've tried to make this as easy as possible for people to follow. So if you've got a Google account, you can click on the Follow button. You can also subscribe to the RSS/Atom feed or follow me on Twitter!

While you're at it, feel free to follow my lolita shopping tips blog ;)

Unsupportive family (advice needed...)

 Well, this month I am going up to my father's house to visit with him and my other family members up there. I noticed even before I started wearing lolita that they are VERY judgemental of EVERYONE, and so whenever I went to see them I never wore it. This past year however I wondered if I should keep hiding who I am from them or just do what I normally do and wear what I normally wear. But I'm really scared of the rude thing's they are going to say (Last christmas my Aunt made really snarky remarks to me for liking anime and for changing religions, she would not leave me alone about not being a "normal child") How do you deal with family members who ridicule you for the way you dress? 

edit: Thank you all so much for giving me advice, I'm sorry I did not reply to everyone, do not think I am ignoring what you said or somthing >< 
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The Shoes I Promised to Post Yesterday!


It's me again! Thanks for all of the input about the "tasseled" shoes! Here are the shoes we (whoops! royal we typo!) found at a used item shop (sounds like old potions and iffy phoenix downs) yesterday! I know that the hemp heel is a little nontraditional, but... I think they are doable! It may even be fun to occasionally replace the string with black ribbon..? I guess I shouldn't suggest bows if I am to wear them as a classic lolita shoe! What say you?

Here I am wearing the shoes! I'm new at this, so please don't devour me (I know the gold heel is a no-no! *o.o*):
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