November 30th, 2010


Hi everyone! 

I just recently found a super cute boaters hat on sale and just had to snag it up. But now that I have it, I'm not sure what to wear it with! Does anybody have any photos of coords with boaters hats that they find exceptionally fantastic? I would love to see some, and maybe it will help other girls who are in the same "boat"? 

Please forgive the corny play on words ^^;;

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Being Crafty

I've posted artwork here before to get critiques, now I have a crafting-type question for everyone. I'm looking to expand my Etsy store soon, and that includes a lot of lolita artwork/related products. I've been making bottle cap jewelry for awhile now and selling them at art shows and even in a gallery. So here's what I'm wondering...
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A shopping service question... again ^^'

Hello ♥ !

Sorry to annoy you again ! I know this question have been asked a lot of times, but since there are always new shopping services who propose their services, I would like to ask you : do you know a good shopping service who doesn't charge too much (not as much as Japonica Market O_o) ?
Thank you in advance my dears ♥ !
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HMHM Order mix-up

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from HMHM that was supposed to be a custom made dress. Unfortunately, it seems there was a mix up and I believe I got someone else's order. I've contacted HMHM about this and haven't gotten a reply yet, so I thought I would check here to see if mine turned up somewhere and someone was wondering where their dress was.

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gloves, mittens, and muffs

i haven't really seen that many photos on winter(defined as warm enough for 30 degrees and lower)  lolita gloves/mittens and muffs. i'm currently browsing for some and i'd like to see pictures of either stock photos or your own. i've already looked at both hello lace and the flickr stock photos and i only saw about 2/3 styles from one or two brands. looking at photoshoots and wardrobe closet pics it's hard for me to see them because they usually aren't put in the forefront of the shoots.

thanks for your help. :)

US-Japan Shipping Ban to be Lifted!

Hi everyone! 

I have wonderful news for those lolitas living in America waiting on packages from Japan, or those lolitas living in Japan waiting to send things to family and friends in America!

As most of you know, Japan Post banned all packages over 453 grams that used an airplane to ship to the US starting November 17th.  You can read about that mess here, if you wish.

I have just visited the post office and was about to make the first of my shipments using a Canadian shipping proxy service to get some boxes to shopping service customers in the US.  But, before  I had a chance to ship, the postal worker told me that from tomorrow JP Post will lift the ban on packages so that any package can be shipped via EMS, Airmail or Economy Airmail (SAL) again.  The only thing that is banned are printer and toner cartridges.  He also warned that it might take some time for packages to arrive due to stricter screening procedures.  

The official (Japanese) notice can be viewed here at JP  Post's website (it is PDF and totally in Japanese, a warning for the faint of heart):

Shopping services without business contracts with JP Post will also once again be able to function as normal for American shoppers.

Hopefully this means everyone can get their items before Christmas!   But, if I were you, I would certainly order sooner than later because I expect hefty delays. 
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Thanks to everyone but after doing a bit more research on plastic boned I decided against it (My BodyLine skirt has plastic bones but they have not warped so I took it on that) I'r rather spend the money on something else that will last ^^"

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New Loliable Shoes! Pic Tomorrow

Hello everyone!

Today I helped my mom, visited a person recovering from surgery, and bought new shoes!!!!! They are by Ann Taylor Loft and I think with a few bows, they could be used for my budget lolita/dress up practice! I'll post them tomorrow because I need to buy a dress for my poupee!

Now a question: I want to buy some black mary janes, and I saw some shoes at Ross for Less, but I did not buy them and am wondering if I should have. They were all black patent leather and were designed like so:
(image courtesy of Should I have bought them to wear with some lolita dresses?I know they aren't brand and the "tassels" are iffy, but with a bow...???

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