November 29th, 2010


Help With Coordinating Navy (Cinderella Jewlery)

Well, I bought Cinderella Jewelry in navy since when asked opinions all my friends said they liked that one the best.  The problem is, the dress has arrived, and looking at it, I have no IDEA how to coordinate it.  I own barely any dark blue in my wardrobe, and most of my Lolita clothes are black-centric.  The dress is more fairytale than youthful, so I feel pairing it with a simple white shirt would look too Catholic school-y (maybe that's just because my grade school had blue and white jumpers >_>)
so I tried pairing it with cream and grey, but I'm not sure if it worked or not.  I'm fairly sure brown shoes might've worked better, but I own literally NOTHING brown in my entire wardrobe.  What do you guys pair dark blue with when you're not trying to do a sailor coord?
Anyway, here's a pic of my effort
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Loli Earmuffs/Ear warmers?

Hello lovely ladies/gentleman of the EGL community. I was wondering if there were any lolita brands that made earmuffs/ear warmers (whichever you call them)? I was curious, because I was planning on making some for myself and my friends for the chilly winter months and was wondering if there were any examples I could go by.
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Ordering from Taobao?

Hi, i'm pretty new to ordering from taobao...i'm a bit confused right now!

Do we have to get use a shopping service to order from taobao? (if we are overseas)
edit:i'm also pretty comfortable with reading chinese ^_^

Can i directly buy from taobao? also, does it have a shipping rate chart, i can't seem to find it :/

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ILD Radio Show

Every International Lolita Day  i like to dedicate my radio show to lolita. Since i usually can't travel to Toronto, I dress up and enjoy it by doing a radio show and playing lolita-esque, lolita themed music. I also love to take request.

So with that i am asking if any of you guys have any request? it can be anything you want (so long as there is no coarse language and is a reasonable time limit (nothing over 6 min ok?)). Just comment below with a song you'd like to hear. If you happen to have the mp3 please send it to me  as my collection of music is very limited! You can use sendspace and i will guarantee i will play it on the show! Also you don't need to listen to the show in order to send in a request.

My radio show airs every Tuesdays from 11:30am-1:00pm EST on CKLU.  (so the show is airing tomorrow). If you are in school or can't listen to it at that time, don't worry we have archives that last up to 30 days and you can listen to it on your own time :) If you'd like to figure out what time to tune in you can use this

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Gackt - Yayayayay

Official Lolita Perfumes?

Gwen Stefani, popular US-based singer and Japanese fashion enthusiast, has apparantly released a new line of perfumes inspired by Lolita fashion.

The official website reads:

"The girls are prowling the streets of Harajuku dressed in fashions that originated in Japan- Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Visual Kei, Kawaii and Omotesando Girl. Each girl has her own distinct 'wicked style' that is expressed from her brightly colored 'flocked' hair down to her super cute shoes."

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EGL holiday exchange poll

Hello EGL!
The Autumn craft exchange turned out pretty well, I'm glad you all had fun with it!! =D
Now, for all of you that missed the last one, or just want to participate in another one, I'm proposing a Holiday exchange, the thing is. I don't know what we should exchange! Therefore, I've made a poll...
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