November 28th, 2010

First time purchase! OPINIONS!!!

Okay! I've done my homework and I think I'm ready to make my FIRST puchase! (How exciting ^.^)
So, here are the three pieces:

In white

In Black

I'll put the white blouse under this (?)

I'm a new Goth Loli, so all opinions are needed!
Thanks! <3

Ugh! Now I found another JSK that I might want!
But that'd mean that I'd have to substitute it with something! (I'm going to get the blouse, though.)

In Black:

Any suggestions??
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Victoria BC, need to borrow shoes for photoshoot

I've got a lolita photoshoot coming up and I need either red or white shoes for it... I've never worn my planned co-ord together before and all my loli/loliable shoes are black =_=

I'm a US size 6 and anything around that size is fine... 22.5-23.5 Japanese size

Can anyone help please? My shoot's on Sunday the 5th next week and I totally thought I could find something at value village or comm sales before now =_=

(no subject)

I was wondering if some one could help, for my birthday my dad is getting me a kodona outfit. the only problem is he's picked a cosplay costume (Ciel cosplay) but he said that I don't have to get it, but where can I get a Kodona clothing which isn't alice and the pirates or really expensive and that it doesn't look like a costume??
I live in England so I need overseas shipping 
any help would be good.

thank you

Shopping service (but a different sort of query, I hope)

This borders on a different sort of shopping service query (I hope)!

I am a longtime user of Celga, prettygraffitti and itm4u and never really tried the others, but I wonder, from your experience in additional side costs fees etc., which are the better shopping services for a) cheap items (eg. 3600 yen item) vs. b) mid-range items 10,000-20,000yen items vs. c) expensive 60,000 ++ items?

I've always tried to calculate but then I never really got a gauge of the hidden fees as I never quite tried the rest!

Do share your experience!~ : ) If there is such a query I'll remove this, but I couldn't quite find this sort of query in the memories :)

swiss lolis??

I might be moving to Switzerland in a year or so and I was wondering if there is a Swiss loli community?  I'v looked on the EGL community list but I wasnt sure if it had been updated recently.

Kyuuketsuki Hina
Batshit Leo
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Taobao Agent Which Offers FedEx Shipping?

This is my first time posting here, so hello^^.

I am looking for a reliable Taobao agent. So far, I've seen good reviews about Taobao Spree, Taobao Buying and Taobao Now. However, there's a catch, I need FedEx shipping. EMS doesn't have a good reputation in my country, so I'm trying to avoid using it.

So far, Taobao Spree says they offer FedEx, but when I tried to register, the site says it doesn't accept any new members at the moment. As for Taobao Buying and Taobao Now, I only see EMS in their FAQs, and they haven't replied to any of my inquiries.

So, does anyone know of a reliable Taobao agent that will offer FedEx shipping services?

How many layers does your petticoat/pannier have?

Please help me...

I am trying to make my own petticoat and I am currently stumped as to how much fabric I need to put in it to make it poofy enough. I'm trying not to use stiff nylon netting for extra poof because I want it to be as comfortable as possible, but if need be, I will add it in.

Currently, I am looking at one botton layer of cotton, two layers of soft bridal tulle, one layer of organza and one top layer of a sheer embroidered fabric (that I dug out of my sewing box). It worries me as it doesn't look like it's going to be poofy enough despite having five layers. The bottom edge of the petti will be about 2 metres all around (1 metre measured flat) and I will probably be cutting it in a vaguely A-lined shape.

I only have one lousy BL petti and one K-star skirt (that I use as a petti) for comparison, so I would like to hear how wide your petti goes along the bottom edge and how many layers it has.

Thank you!!
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