November 27th, 2010

Cinderella Jewelry water-resistance

Does anyone know if Cinderella Jewelry can be washed or can handle water?
I want to wear it to a meet, but I'm pretty sure there will be some rain or snow and I don't want it to bleed. It's not on the washable list yet, so I was wondering.

Thank you very much!
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Measurements for this AP dress?

I was wondering if anyone knew the measurements of this AP dress? Or the name? I used to know the name but it's totally slipped my mind and the dress is no longer on AP's site.

Also, what's the SHORTEST brand dress/skirt you can think of? I always end up with skirts and dresses that reach below my knees as I'm rather short and I prefer skirts on the shorter side. Obviously I can commission a short dress, but I'm just curious. C:

EDIT: Not including brand mini skirts~


IW Shoe Sizing

Some shoe sizing questions.
Curious to know if IW shoe sizings run a little smaller then other brands such as baby/aatp/ap

IW lists their shoes as S as 23.5 & M as 24.0
All other brands seem to list M as 23.5

Does any have shoes in IW & a pair in one of the other brands for comparison or know off-hand.
I fit a M 23.5 in aatp/baby shoes. (I wear US6) Do I get S or go with M for IW shoes.


While I was desperately trying to escape Toys 'R' Us on Black Friday (my brother wanted a helicopter) I saw this on display and thought of EGL. Have you ladies seen this yet?

The store was carrying several different versions that included cupcakes, pie slices and what have you but this is the only one I saw online (sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to post).
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Quick question about F+F corsets

I know this isn't strictly lolita-related, so mods, feel free to delete if you feel so!

Anyway, I used the search, but none of the posts really answered my question. How are the steel-boned corsets at F+F? I would see a bunch of reviews of the corset-styled clothing, but nothing about the -actual- corsets.

If anyone has bought a corset from them, please let me know what you thought! :3
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