November 26th, 2010

Student Researching Lolita, Requesting Photos of Lolitas from United States For Research Paper

Hello Lolitas!

Would any Lolitas of the United States that dress in Gothic Lolita be willing to allow me to use a photo of themselves dressed in an outfit epitomizing what they feel is Gothic Lolita dress? Or, perhaps a photo of an outfit laid out, hung up, or on a dress form?

My name is Ariel, and I am a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and I am currently working on a research paper about Lolitas in the United States for a class. For my paper, I have decided to focus specifically on Sweet Lolita and Gothic Lolita being worn in the U.S., as the young ladies I have had the opportunity to speak with dress primarily in these two types of Lolita.

Within my research paper I need to discuss one or two outfits of the dress I have chosen, so I will be choosing one Sweet and one Gothic Lolita look. However, since my research paper is about Lolitas in the United States, I thought it would be appropriate to use photos of outfits put together and or worn by Lolitas of the United States.

This would not be posted online, you would remain anonymous if you of course desire, but I would give credit for the image in my bibliography (Even if you wish to remain anonymous, I would credit you with a username, pseudonym, etc.) The only people seeing these images would be a Professor of FIT and my class, as I need to present my paper in a PowerPoint presentation.

Please let me know if you would be interested, or if you know anyone from the United States who dresses in  Gothic Lolita that would be interested! If you have any questions regarding making sure I'm not some weird, creepy, untrustworthy and or suspicious person, feel free to ask! I tried to clear up any confusion with my last posting here:

* I am aware there there are links of stock photos of Lolita outfits and articles of clothing/accessories on the left side of the main page, but to carry out my research and analysis properly, I would like to get photos of outfits put together by a Gothic Lolita in the United States. *

* I know that a few weeks ago I posted here, but I was hoping to possibly have a better chance at getting permission to use photos! *

Also, if you would be interested in answering a questionnaire for my research, I would be more than happy to email/send you the questions!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this! I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you!

- Ariel

Spotted some lolita!

So I was surfing around on Youtube and came across Yao Yao's cover of Honey, originally by Kara. The second outfit she appears in I thought looks rather lolita, then... is that a familiar print I spot?

Check it out for yourself!

Collapse )

Also, does anyone know any good petticoats that are practical for use when dancing while also giving good poof for lolita? I would love to dance in lolita but my petticoat always throws itself one way or another when I move my hips too much, and not only does it look silly but it totally messes up my balance :/

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A sizing question (HMHM)

Hello ladies and gents!
I'm looking at buying the chandelier skirt from HMHM. Qutieland's under construction right now, so I'm going to have to use a shopping service (I think taobaospree). I went onto the taobao page for the skirt and google translated it to English, but I can't seem to find ny definitive sizing info. I saw this on the page and assumed it has something to do with sizes:

尺寸::L:胸圍92,腰圍70 ,裙长52适合身高170以上

                M:胸圍86 腰圍68 裙长50 适合身高160-170

                S:胸圍83 腰圍66  裙长48 适合身高150-160
(To me, it looks like bust, waist and body height? Just a guess, though)

Can anybody tell me how HMHM sizes their products or translate this for me? Is their stuff true to size? (For reference, I'm a 76cm waist and 89cm bust. What size would be best?)
Also, if you have the skirt, how do you like the quality? In addition, I'm taller (5'8"). How long is the skirt?
Thank you!


Where to buy for beginners?!

Hello! I'm an aspiring Gothic Lolita, and I've been looking around at sites (eg. F+F and Bodyline), but I'm not sure where to make my first purchase!

I've heard mixed reviews about both F+F and Bodyline, and I'm becoming anxious about buying from them!

I've read numerous post, but I want direct feedback from experienced Gothic Lolitas.

I just want my first purchase to count and I want to avoid disappointment as much as possible!

Thank you! <3
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Call For EGL Contest Volunteers!

egl will be hosting two contests in December with prizes. As of right now, the details behind this contest are still being worked out. When the details are finalized, an announcement will be made on this community.

Right now, what we need are volunteers to join the discussion for working out the details of the contest and to act as judges. It is our hope that this contest will become a monthly event. In order to orchestrate this, we are in need of individuals on this community that would be willing to volunteer to help work out the details of this contest and serve as judges. Specifically, we are looking for people who are willing to do this on a long term basis.

While we are looking for people interested in helping us discuss the details for this contest and judge, we have a high preference for people who have experience in EGL (both the community and fashion). This doesn't mean that we won't accept newcomers, it is only that our interest is focusing on finding people with experience.

If you are interested, leave a comment in response to this post expressing your interest. Include why you think you'd be a great member of the team for these contests and how you'd like to be contacted if we have further questions for you.

Note: Volunteers are ineligible from entering the contest.

Edit: Just editing in to add that this post is following a discussion between harukoko and myself.

Christmas shopping for that special someone

I know a number of you have alternative/aristo boyfriends. Are you planning on getting them anything special fashion-wise for Christmas?

I'd really love to get my boy some visual-kei/goth stuff off TaoBao because it's cheap and I could buy him a whole outfit. Do any of you guys know of shops on there that sell that sort of thing? I've checked out R-series which has some nice aristo bits and pieces but it's all in women's sizes and it would take too long to have something custom made for a dude and have it shipped. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!