November 25th, 2010

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Direction help from California loli

Hello, I have gone through the egl search engine, yahoo, mapquest, and BART system and I couldn't find the info that I am looking for. I just need some help on directions from Califonia loli, since I may try to find my way there soon or later.

I am from Texas and I have never been to California. I might have a very last minute trip to catch a concert in LA next weekend, and think I could use some directions on trying to go to Baby store on the trip. I am planning to stay in a hotel near LAX. I know San Francisco is about 6.5 hours drive from LA, but I have no idea how to go to San Francisco except flying there. At one point I think i saw it somewhere that BART can take me from LA to SF for 3 hrs, but I can't find that piece of information anymore and I can't find out what station is closest to LAX and the mall. So I have completely no clue how to find my way there from LA. If I can get some clear and detail directions would be nice. Thanks!

Survey Question? The only way to make math fun, is by adding a little loli to it!

Hello, so it's that time, where everyone is almost done for the semester (if your in post secondary). I'm collecting data to see if there is a correlation with how many brand dresses you have to how many jointed dolls you have (BJDs, pullips, blythes, ect).

Question 1

A. How many Brand pieces do you currently own?( doesn't matter what style)
B. How many jointed dolls do you currently have

and because i know not everyone is into dolls so i have another one: how long you

Question 2 long have you been in to the lolita fashion? (years or months)
B.How many lolita pieces do you own in your wardrobe?

when your done it should look like this..

Question 1
Question 2

Please feel free to post comments too. You can do one or the other or both! It's really up to you and what applies to you. Thank you guys ahead of time and thanks for making math fun! ^.^

*note pieces include one pieces, jump skirts, skirts, blouses, shoes, and bags.

Edit: I changed it to dresses to pieces. just because i figure that there are those that don't wear that many dresses.
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Bust/Cup Sizes in Japanese Brands? Need to Know What Size to Get...

This is a little awkward to talk about, but... In the near future I am finally going to get a breast reduction surgery! YAY!! XD

I have DDD-cups and I’m losing weight, but with my genetics losing weight will not really affect my cup size. With these, uh…things, my back, my shoulders, and especially my neck are in pain, and I will not fit into most of the Japanese brands I love... Unless I go down to a certain size!

EDIT: Some people are thinking that the ONLY reason I am getting a breast reduction for is to fit brand clothing… The main reason is the PAIN I'm in! So if I'm going to stop that pain through the surgery, I might as well kill two birds with one stone and fit into the clothing I love.

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