November 23rd, 2010

Closet Child's measurements off?

Well I was browsing through Closet Child for the first time in a while, and there was something that confused me, and it was the measurements of the busts!

For example, with one dress:


the link to the dress:

Everything else made sense, so I'm wondering, is this a flat measurement? Or is the bust size really only that tiny?

Brand founding years?

Hello everyone!

Long time no post (not that I post often at all anyway), but I do have a question as I am about to go nuts.
What year did Baby The Stars Shine Bright decide to release the sub-brand Alice and the Pirates? I'm brushing up on my lolita history, but I can't find the year anywhere. =(

This also goes for the brands Innocent World (can't believe I can't find that!!! D8), Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene and Juliette et Justine.

I have searched the memories and the web, and being lost in what to do I hope someone here can help me.
All help will be deeply appreciated! =)

Edit: Found Innocent World! (1997) Though I'm still at complete loss on the other three...

~ Zere
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Question About Blouse Sleeve Width.

This question is probably a bit strange, but which brand(s) carries the smallest blouse sleeves, width-wise? I know brands like IW and Baby make a few S-sized items, but is the sleeve width still the same as their M-sized clothing?
If yes, how about Taobao brands such as Dear Celine? Or am I simply better off buying cutsews/cardigans if I have a problem with baggy sleeves?

Thank you for your time!
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My poor wallet!

Arrrgh! I just went to the Meta site to see if they had any info about season LPs yet, and they didn't but I saw the new kimono print items DX I love their old wa-print items! I LOVE that they're redoing it! I can't wait till the other colors come out! *sob* Or maybe they did and are already sold out and off the site...!

So, I obviously won't have money after the holidays are passed ._. I was wondering, how many of you set aside funds for seasonal luckypacks? X3 Not exactly a "how do you pay for lolita" post, just wondering if any of you actually PLAN for it. Do you have a separate lolita fund that you keep all year, or is your world devastated with each new brand release? Or do you rely on your loved ones giving in to your pleading?

I usually set aside a little for end of the year LPs, but other than that I don't plan for many purchases. When Summer LPs come along or there's a fantastic new print, it's always a panic! Just wondering if any of the rest of you are going to be weathering the sale season more or less prepared than I am X3;;;
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just a quick shipping question

I have a dress on the way from France, and I am starting to worry. It's been about 5 weeks, close to 6 since it was mailed out. Is this normal? What has you're experience been with shipping times from France to non-EU countries. I am in the US, if that makes a difference.

SF Dicken's Fair Meet DATE CHANGE!

Official Post! Date changed because most people couldn't make it this Saturday!



"A holiday adventure into Victorian London, partying with hundreds of costumed players in over 120,000 square feet of theatrically-lit music halls, pubs, dance parties and Christmas shops on winding lanes. It's a twilight evening in Charles Dickens' London Town - a city filled with lively and colorful characters from both literature and history. Enticing aromas of roasted chestnuts and hearty foods fill the air. Cries of street vendors hawking their wares ring out above the bustling crowd. Dozens of lamplit shops are filled to overflowing with Christmas presents."

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