November 22nd, 2010

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Angelic Pretty SF Store :)

 I'm just sharing this link to Carousel of Crown's initial Angelic Pretty Store Opening coverage. I've been waiting and waiting for clear photos of what the store looks like and how it was stocked and finally found something (on their blog) other than just the front window display or part of a rack or floor tile. 

I know I'm not the only one curious to see what the inside looked like *o*! Cute! I wish I could see more of the Harajuku Hearts side too though!

Innocent World question...

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I'm a bit confused here... When you look at the mantle on the site, it's not on the reserve page, and it doesn't have the "reserve" symbol over it. Yet when you look at the mantle's product page, it says it is currently accepting reservation. And yet it also says the release date should be late October.
So I'm perplexed; is it still up for reserve or isn't it?

Anyone willing to answer some Lolita questions? :)


I am interested in learning more about the lifestyle of a Lolita, I am currently in my final year at university and researching the Lolita subculture in particular...I would be most grateful if you could spare some time to answer the questions below? You wouldn't be named and all answers would be used solely in my own work :)

Thanks in advance!

K x

Lolita Questionnaire.

1. What does Kawaii mean to you?

2. How do you feel about icons such as “Hello Kitty”?

3. Do you class yourself as a Lolita? If yes, what does being a Lolita mean to you?

4. When did you start wearing Lolita and who influenced  you?

5. Do you participate in any conventions/events/meet-ups for Lolita’s?

6. Where do you go when wearing Lolita, or where would you like to go?

7. What are your hobbies?

8. Who are your idols?

9. What are your favourite brands? E.g. Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty…

10. Do you dress this way for yourself or to receive attention?

11. Do you ever attract unwanted attention? E.g. from older men…

12. Do you feel that people create fantasies involving Lolita’s I.e. fetishise you?

13. Do you dress in Lolita clothing daily? Or is it your own fantasy that you live out only so often?

14. What image do you feel you portray? One of child-like innocence, or one of rebellion?

15. When not wearing Lolita what do you wear?

16. Do you socialise with any other subcultures? E.g. Goths, Gyaru…

(The following questions are more specific to Japanese born Lolitas, however please feel free to answer these, as a resident in Japan you may have opinions on these.)

17. How do you feel about Western Lolita’s? E.g. those within the UK, USA…

18. Do you feel Western Lolita’s understand the lifestyle? Or do you feel they are trying to copy Japanese Lolita’s?

19. Does it upset you when foreigners/tourists ask for photographs?

20. Do you feel Western tourists misunderstand the Lolita style?

DSi/PSP Lolita Skins?

I just purchased a DSi for my husband for Christmas, and the thing is antagonizingly stark white. I dove into researching custom skins and it got me thinking - do any of you lolis have custom drawn DSi or PSP skins in a lolita theme? I know its kinda a long shot, but I'd love to see photos if you do! I'm looking for inspiration to create one for myself (I have a PSP) and one non-lolita for my husband's DSi.

A post in good fun I made a post on my blog about some of the notorious types of people on EGL.  I wanted to hear you guys's imput; if you think I missed a bunch, or a few were off the mark (or if the entire post was off the mark >_>)
A few more I was thinking about adding were
The Shameless Promoter
The Needless Showoff
The Obvious Troll

EDIT: thank all of you for your good advice and compliments!
I'll be sure to be adding the rest of them soon
EDIT 2: Ok, done updating. I added 6 more, I believe....