November 21st, 2010

A Few Beginner Lolita Questions about Bodyline

  1. Doe’s Bodyline have a Christmas sale? Because I want to order something’s for my Christmas gift but I’m not sure if I should order it now as Mr. Yan’s SUPER extended birthday sale is going on or if I should wait.
  2. What prices are usually hit with customs fees?
  3. What to expect for delivery times?
  4. How good of a quality are their coats. Because I saw some new ones on the site that made me squeal outloud and I was wondering if they were even worth my time.

Thank you very much for your time!

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Lolita Sighting!!

Today while coming out of the movie theater, my mom pointed out a girl in a creme/tan printed skirt, with red bustles, red stockings/tights, a knitted cardigan, pearl bracelets and headband, and creme/tan heels. It also looked like i could see a pink petti :).

She was spotted her this morning (11-21-10), after the first showing of the Harry Potter movie at the Yuba City (California) movie theater (Yuba City only has one movie theater). I didn't know that any Lolitas lived in Yuba City, or maybe you're here visiting family for Thanksgiving? Anywho, i thought it would be fun to see who it is, and i would love to meet you~!

Triple Fortune bonnet questions <3

How do you order from Triple Fortune? Do they have an actual store that a shopping service could go to?

Also, can you get other colors from what is displayed on the web site? (i.e. I'm interested in all white/off white/ivory and all the bonnets on the site have colors on them >_<)

Sorry if these are questions that have already been asked, but I couldn't seem to find anything on these topics.

Thanks Ladies!

TED Talk: Johanna Blakley on Copying

I don't know if this has been posted here (it didn't show up in a search), and its not really lolita, but I think it can be applied to the old Bodyline/Chinese Companies vs brand arguments in terms of copyright and copying. I thought it was pretty interesting, so I wanted to share it with you guys. She had some interesting points of view, particularly for those who don't go to fashion school so aren't well versed in the industry.

I would imagine that the innovation she's speaking of is even harder to implement in the lolita fashion where, to be honest, there aren't that many new things that can be put in while still keeping to the original "rules" of the fashion. What are your thoughts?

Washing Milky Berry Socks

I have Milky Berry socks in white, but I'm afraid that the red color will run. I've been told to wash them in cold water delicate wash, but I don't want to risk anything without being sure. Is it safe to wash them normally? Or if there is a risk of the color running, any tips to prevent it?

I've searched the memories and used the search function, but I couldn't find anything useful. It's also my first time having brand so sorry if this is a noob question.
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Lolita Arts~ <3

 I've been drawing for years, and Lolita is one of my highest point of inspirations.  I think some of you may be interested in seeing some of the art I've done recently.  I have a mixture of Digital Art and Traditional Art.  Recently, I've started buying Copic Markers and I've been experimenting with them quite a bit.  I don't have a large collection yet though...

I'll be going start with the older ones and end with the most recent.
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(no subject)

Hello, all. I was wondering where to get hair extensions. I know it sounds stupid but there is a reason. My hair is dark brown  but looks black. In other words, the shine on my hair is brown. But all the wigs are plain black and have a black shine and look really bad. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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Setting the Stage: Finding Your Location

Now, just where shall we go today?

Imagine that you've prepared your ideal coordinate at long last.

It's detailed, it's well-balanced, it fits just right.

Pretty. Perfect.

Now imagine that the only photos you got to take of it are a few outfit snaps in your living room and a few stray shots at a meet-up or convention. Seems a little sad, doesn't it?

Depending on where you take your photos, the coordinate's feel can change drastically! The mood of the outfit can shift from whimsical and quirky to eerie and dark with a simple change in scenery. Identifying a good location for your photos is one way to add extra spice to your coordinate snaps, and can give you a good start to a more formal photoshoot.

Here are five suggestions for general locations which will frame your outfit (or that of your model!) nicely.**
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Favorite Wigs

I thought it would be cool to discuss our favorite wigs and sellers, and compare qualities in one big massive post :3 It'll also help people who want to buy wigs in the future ;D

So, with that said, post your review links or pictures (it's about wigs for lolita, so I don't think we have to worry too much about our coords - casual "normal" clothes are fine in my opinion, if that's all you have for a picture and you don't want to use stock photos), or even a stock picture and a paragraph or some points about why you liked/hated your wig!

I'll post mine when I get my pictures situated, but this post is about our FAVORITE wigs.

Edit: I'm asking for your personal experience with wigs, your personal favorite wig you have owned, lol, just thought it'd be cool to share what people like nowadays

Ordering from Dear Celine (and any of the Taobao stores really)

I found some things on the Dear Celine page that I wanted to order, but me understanding NO Chinese and online translations spewing out randomness screws me over. So I surfed around and found mashimaro girl and then found out a minute later that they weren't doing what they do anymore. So does anybody know or have any tips on how to order from this site?

Thank you for your time!

Bodyline question *solved*

Hello! :3
So I want to hopefully order from bodyline after christmas, BUT I have no idea if the medium size will fit me, seeing as none of the dresses seem to have a small size. My waist is 26 inches, (i think) and my bust is 32.

HELP PLEASE?! edit: OH i'm ever so sorry, my height is 5"7!



 This might sound somewhat silly, and I did do a mini research, but who is Alice and the Pirates' main designer? I mean, AatP has been my favorite brand for a while now, yet I still don't know who their designer is!

Could anyone aid me? Thanks~
Reita Hakama

A question about parasols...

 I recently bought a black AP parasol, and was planning on bringing it out with me tomorrow while it rains. My question is...will the applique and print run if it gets wet? I know of some designs that other owners have that run due to water exposure.

As each brand is different, I was wondering specifically about AP parasols. But if anybody can offer their insight to other brands as well, please do share!

Thanks to all in advance :)

I bought this one:

And though it says it's fine to use rain or shine, I wouldn't want to risk any running or rusting...