November 20th, 2010


Photo Request

Kinda vague, but does anyone have pics of Corduroy lolita pieces?
I'm looking mostly for solid colored corduroy rather than print.
I found a few through EGL search, but it doesn't seem to be common.
Thanks in advance!
And for fun: Tell me what you think of corduroy!

A bit of cooking help?

I am planning to surprise my husband on our anniversary by making some really cute loliable foods but I'm not really sure what would be "winter appropriate". I looked through the egl_cooking area as well as looking through the memories but my poor eyes can only take so many small letters prancing about [oh how I miss thy sweetness my beloved glasses] so here I am asking for some help from you lovely ladies, and gents ;3 , with ideas for meals/desserts.

Thank you loves~
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AP opening?

 So how was the Angelic Pretty San Francisco store opening? I thought someone would have posted something by now on EGL or daily lolita. Were the lucky packs any good? Is it really an AP store? Was it super pink? Inquiring minds want to know! 
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art Needs Your Help + Icons (102)


To start off; I'm not entirely sure this type of request is allowed (if it's not, I'll remove this part). is currently in need of a helpful soul (or two) who has a good grasp of PHP and MySQL. Normally, Hiroko would take care of coding-related things, but she's currently unable to work on the site due to personal reasons. It'd be much appreciated if anyone would like to help out, as it'd majorly speed up the development of the site. :)

And some icon teasers:

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