November 19th, 2010

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Los Angeles Christmas Caroling meet up??

hahaha Ok, so I just thought of this as a joke, but then, I thought it would actually be really fun!

I remembered back when I was little I used to go around with my friends and family and sing christmas carols and it was a lot of fun! I really missed doing that, but then I thought that it would make a fun meet up idea!

We could go around a neighborhood and sing carols in lolita and afterwards go to eat in someplace warm near by!

I understand that this might not be the safest idea, but if anyone has an idea of a safe neighborhood in LA that we could go caroling in, I'd love to try this out!~ Or we could even just sing in downtown (maybe that gazebo across the street from Union Station?) or in shops!

I can print out some copies of traditional caroling songs and e-mail a list to everyone who wants to go~

If no one thinks this is a good idea, I'd still like to host a meet up in LA on either the 11th or the 18th preferrebly, where we can just hang out and perhaps get lunch somewhere :)

EDIT: colortheory came up with the great idea of caroling in retirement homes! I will look up places where we can go and will call them up once we have a set date and a good sized group~ date is still up for vote as well as plans in general~
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Question about Shoes at Qutieland

I was told in another post of mine that Qutieland kind of overprice their things, so I was wondering if there's anywhere I can get these shoes in size 27 cheaper? I can get them at the price Qutieland charge, too, but I thought, if there's a cheaper option, then waste not... Link to --> Shoes

Lief's third series: Royal Ornament Regimental Stripes

Hello, everyone.
Here are Lief's latest Catalogue photos. :D

I personally really like how these photos turned out! I am loving how well the background colours and the colours of clothes go well together, although the blue skirt looks much more blue here--it has more green tone to it in real life.

This series is currently available for reservation. For more information you can visit Lief LJ community:

Thank you, enjoy~ :D

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Atelier-Pierrot English Shop!

Er, I don't know when this happened, and I can't find it on egl anywhere....

Atelier-Pierrot now ships overseas with an online webshop! They're going through XOJapan, with some other shops I don't know anything about:

Also, their Japanese online shop was down forever, but it's up now.

EDIT: For some weird reason they're also selling Victorian Maiden stuff under the same shop? I dunno. That's pretty sweet too, I guess?
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We've got some fantastic news to share with everyone! Sorry for keeping you standing on pins and needles waiting for the grand opening of our San Francisco Union Square store!

First of all, we've got a special lucky pack on sale, a tradition at openings like this! What's inside? Who knows! Only you'll be able to find out when we open up tomorrow morning.

Secondly, the print you've all been waiting for, Holy Night Story, is going to make its dazzling North American appearance tomorrow for your benefit. Think that's special? We'll top that for you - Holy Night Story will be available for sale for the first time world wide at this wonderful new San Francisco location!

Thirdly, don't forget about the fabulous tea party, open to the select firsts who spend over $200 at our grand opening! Details on this are still hush-hush, and we hope that we'll be able to give you a pleasant surprise.

Remember, our store location is at 15 Kearny Street, San Francisco CA 94108, and we open at 11 AM tomorrow! See you tomorrow!